AUDIENCEX and MBuy Announce Strategic Merger

We are so excited to announce that AUDIENCEX, a leader in AI-enabled digital advertising, and MBuy, the every-channel media buying and optimization partner, have unveiled a strategic merger. By combining forces, we will offer enhanced omnichannel solutions, with tech-driven strategy, media, and creative solutions for brands and agencies that unify digital and traditional channels with integrated performance solutions.

MBuy embarks on this new chapter integrating with AUDIENCEX after fourteen successful years as part of Mediaocean, the mission-critical system of record for agencies and brands. During this tenure with Mediaocean, MBuy’s team planned and executed over $400M in paid media investments delivering innovative media strategies and solutions across a diverse array of industries and advertiser verticals. Their client roster spanned major categories such as travel/tourism, healthcare, telecommunications, CPG, education, media/entertainment, technology, financial services, automotive, retail, and more. This latest transition represents a strategic move to bolster their capabilities within the rapidly transforming ad tech landscape by combining powerful data science solutions that can be deployed throughout the purchase funnel. 

The integration of MBuy into AUDIENCEX will see the former operating as a standalone entity within the company’s existing structure, with a combined team working out of offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. Over the coming months, both groups will develop various integration strategies to seamlessly merge the two teams, leveraging their respective talents, experiences, and technology stacks to create a unified and dynamic organization that can deliver game-changing media solutions to their combined portfolio of customers. 

This merger will benefit our team members with expanded growth and learning opportunities, while enabling us to add significantly evolved performance solutions for both brands and agencies. We are excited to break down barriers between digital and offline channels, delivering a truly integrated cross-channel ecosystem, powered by an advanced suite of data analytics tools.

Highlights of this Merger

Some key highlights of this move include:

  • Unified Vision and Mission: The merger underscores a shared commitment to advancing omnichannel advertising, bringing together the strengths of MBuy and AUDIENCEX under a unified vision for the future. 
  • Extensive Technology Access: Mediaocean will enable a seamless transition for existing MBuy clients while providing AUDIENCEX clients broader access to additional enterprise-level software and technology solutions. 
  • AI-Enabled Emergent Tech Solutions: MBuy clients will gain access to AUDIENCEX Intelligence (AXi) solutions, a sophisticated suite of privacy-safe performance and data science solutions that provide predictive custom audience modeling, continuous real-time optimization, and full transparency into performance across channels. 
  • Combined Traditional and Digital Expertise: The integration will seamlessly blend traditional, digital, and AI-powered capabilities, offering clients a truly holistic suite of services to meet their diverse needs, living within a unified data infrastructure. 
  • Tech-Enabled Performance Creative: The newly formed AUDIENCEX Studio (formerly aX Studio) creative team will drive full-funnel performance, delivering strategically-driven and tech-enabled creative excellence across every stage of the customer journey. 
  • Streamlined Client Experience: Clients of AUDIENCEX and MBuy will benefit from a streamlined and integrated service solution, navigating the complexities of omnichannel advertising with ease. 
  • Unified Performance Culture: This merger will unify two exceptional, performance-driven teams while creating exciting new opportunities for employees, including access to cutting-edge technologies, training programs, and professional development initiatives. 

We are thrilled about the capabilities and possibilities that we know this merger will create. By bringing together complementary skills, teams, and technology, we are confident that we will unlock incredible growth – not only for our newly unified company, but for every client of both AUDIENCEX and MBuy. To learn more about how our combined teams can deliver exceptional results for your brand or agency, please reach out today. We would love to discuss our continuously evolving service offerings.