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The 5 Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

The benefits of programmatic advertising expand as consumers spend increasingly more time online, making digital marketing a powerful tool for companies of all sizes. While digital advertising is a great way to reach consumers, it’s important that you are able to target the most highly engaged and interested audiences. For your online advertising campaign to succeed, you need to match ads to the right audiences on the right platforms—at the right time. Doing so manually can be time-consuming and difficult to complete with accuracy.

Programmatic advertising uses technology to automate the buying and selling of online advertisements. It offers a quick and easy way to buy impressions across a variety of websites and networks to reach consumers who are most likely to engage with your products and services. While you can certainly reach people through traditional ad buying, programmatic advertising comes with 5 advantages that can help you connect with your target audience and improve your campaigns: 

1. Efficiency

Automation speeds up the process of buying and displaying ads online. With programmatic advertising, you’ll get to see your results come to life immediately. Once the ad placements are purchased and the design work is complete, you can start generating new clicks or purchases right away. No more insertion orders required—the technology that powers programmatic does the heavy lifting for you, so you can reach your target audience when and where they are ready to buy. Even better, you aren’t wasting your ad impressions on people that aren’t in your target audience, so your advertising dollars go farther.

2. Measurement in Real-Time

Programmatic advertising allows you to make adjustments to your campaigns at any point, in real-time. At the beginning of the flight, you can start out your campaigns by casting a wide net—targeting your ads to a much broader audience while testing theories around what your ideal audience might be. Once you’ve determined the perfect target audience, you can adjust these restrictions before the flight ends to improve campaign performance. 

3. Increased Reach

Through programmatic advertising, you can easily determine the specific audience you want to reach using a wealth of online data. Rather than trying to reach soccer fans on a sports website or page specifically, you can build an audience of soccer fans and reach them across hundreds of websites, wherever they happen to be online. You can stretch your audience as far as your budget allows with programmatic advertising, reaching almost any consumer on the internet. 

4. Transparency

Although programmatic ad buying automates much of the buying process, you still have access to the purchase price of the ad, the platform it’s running on, the number of impressions, clicks, and other interactions. You can also access data about your audience, including browsing and buying habits as well as brand loyalty. This transparency allows you to optimize your campaigns for performance at any point. 

5. A Variety of Channels 

Most marketers rely on multiple kinds of ads to run a successful campaign. As a result, you can reach your target audience across many different channels with programmatic advertising, including:

  • Display: Display advertising deals with both image and text banner ads. Programmatic display advertising platforms can buy these ads from any website or search engine that supports them.
  • Video: Programmatic marketing and buying services for video ads allow you to utilize video ads that run before, during and after website and social media videos.
  • Mobile: Programmatic advertising for mobile ads has become popular due to the growing use of mobile devices in everyday life. This option involves the automated purchase of ads for tablets, smartphones and more.
  • Native: Native ads are designed to fit the presentation of a specific platform, including social media platforms. Programmatic advertising software can buy native ads across channels.
  • CTV: Connected TV combines the efficiency and targeting of programmatic with the broad appeal of TV advertising. Marketers looking to reach engaged audiences while they are watching TV through the internet are turning to CTV to boost campaign performance.

Why Work With a Programmatic Advertising Agency?

Programmatic advertising platforms are designed to streamline the ad buying process. However, if you’ve never used one of these systems, getting started with programmatic might feel intimidating. The monthly minimums may also be more than you can commit to spending. If you’ve decided to implement programmatic advertising at your business, you might consider using a programmatic advertising agency.

At AUDIENCEX, we have run thousands of high-performance programmatic advertising campaigns for our clients across all channels and devices. We’re dedicated to helping businesses across industries have more successful interactions with their customers.

To learn more about the benefits of working with AUDIENCEX and how we can help increase the performance of your campaigns, reach out to us today.