AUDIENCEX Announces Expansion of Groundbreaking AI-Powered AXi Suite

The team at AUDIENCEX is excited to unveil a substantial expansion of our innovative AI product, AUDIENCEX Intelligence (AXi). This suite of sophisticated AI-powered data science and performance tools is designed to address the intricate advertising challenges confronting today’s marketers such as media and data fragmentation, evolving privacy regulations, and the escalating scrutiny of budget allocation.

In tandem with this expansion, we are reshaping the structure of our AXi suite into three distinct tech and service offerings, offering adaptable solutions that can be employed individually or in conjunction with one another. Each is engineered to meet specific client needs, underscoring our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and expertise in the dynamic landscape of AI-powered digital marketing.

The Restructured AXi Suite

The new structure of the AXi suite is outlined as follows:

  1. AXi Predictor: Empowering the analysis of crucial behavioral signals in audiences based on first-party data, historical data, and log-level data access. Leveraging fully opted-in datasets, AXi Predictor models custom predictive audiences most likely to convert.
  1. AXi Optimizer: Enabling custom bidding algorithms and real-time optimization, AXi Optimizer features a continuous optimization engine tailored to specific goals. It collaborates seamlessly with custom and enterprise-level platform algorithms to reach the right audience at the right time.
  2. AXi Explorer: Our newest integrated analytics solution offers visibility into real-time omnichannel performance data, predictive modeling for data-driven campaign decisions, and transparent reporting throughout the campaign lifecycle.

About AXi Explorer

As the newest offering in the AXi suite, AXi Explorer is designed to provide greater transparency into omnichannel performance while enabling predictive modeling for data-driven decision-making to drive results. This comprehensive analytics solution seamlessly integrates and unifies data from diverse marketing sources, establishing a singular source of truth for in-depth marketing performance analysis. Complemented by intuitive dashboards and AI-powered recommendation engines, AXi Explorer optimizes clients’ media mix and enhances marketing efficiency.

Key features of AXi Explorer include:

  • Transparent Performance Reporting for Omnichannel Campaign Analytics
  • MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) for Optimal Campaign Yield
  • Predictive Analytics for Future Planning
  • Custom Data Visualization for Tailored Insights
  • Seamless Website Analytics Integration for Conversion Attribution

Brittany Wray, VP of Product, aptly emphasizes, “Marketers are actively seeking precision and clarity in their campaign analytics. This seamlessly integrated tool will empower our clients with real-time insights, allowing them to more fully understand the true impact of their campaigns, forecast performance to assist in data-driven decision-making, and optimize strategically.”

Max Yang, VP of Ad Ops, shares his enthusiasm as well, stating, “We are thrilled to expand our exceptional AXi suite, including the introduction of AXi Explorer, which together represent game-changing AI-enabled marketing and media solutions for brands and agencies. Now, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and confidently scale performance–all with completely privacy-safe, futureproof solutions. This marks a major milestone in our commitment to transparency, data access, and performance excellence.”

Take Advantage of These Groundbreaking AI Solutions Today

We are pleased to share that the newly expanded AXi suite of solutions is available to all AUDIENCEX clients effective immediately. This underscores our commitment to increasing access to enterprise-level AI-driven technology, privacy-safe consented data, and industry-leading performance solutions.

For additional information on the full AXi suite, or AXi Explorer specifically, we invite you to reach out directly to our dedicated team. We’d love to talk about the rapidly evolving digital landscape and explore how our solutions can help you navigate it more effectively.