Spring Campaign Planning: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day is the second largest spending holiday for U.S. consumers, with a reported 2023 spending of $35.7 billion, surpassing even Valentine’s Day. Father’s Day is also celebrated by a majority of U.S. families, and saw record reported spending of  $22.9 billion in 2023. For brands, these holidays can be a great time to generate new sales across verticals. Beyond retail and ecommerce, there are significant opportunities to be taken advantage of in hospitality, travel, personal services, and more.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Opportunities

In 2023, 84% made plans to celebrate Mother’s Day. This holds steady with consistent trends, as this number has never dropped below 83% over the past decade.

  • Consumers reported spending over $274 per person on Mother’s Day gifts & celebrations in 2023, more than a 10% increase from 2022.
  • Subscription boxes continue to lead gifting options, with 66% of gifters ages 25-44 interested in giving one for Mother’s Day.

A majority of Americans also celebrate Father’s Day, with 75% reporting plans to do so in 2023.

  • For Father’s Day in 2023, consumers reported spending $196 per person, totaling a record $22.9 billion in spending.
  • Special outings remain a popular gift, with 52% planning to celebrate dad with an experience.

Top Gift Categories for Moms

Greeting cards74%
Special outing60%
Gift cards54%
Clothing and accessories48%
Personal service34%
Housewares or gardening tools31%
Books or CDs28%

Top Gift Categories for Dads

Greeting cards61%
Special outing52%
Gift cards48%
Personal care32%
Tools or appliances26%
Home improvement or gardening tools24%
Books or CDs24%
Auto accessories24%
Sporting goods24%

While there are clearly some perpetual favorites that continue to dominate the top gifting categories for both moms and dads, there’s also a growing share of gift givers focusing on experiences, subscriptions, and services. Advertisers who get creative with their offerings and portray them effectively in a gift-giving context can take advantage of opportunities with those who seek to give mom and dad something unexpected.

It can also be helpful to remember that, while gifts are being purchased for them, advertising to mothers and fathers directly may be a strategically sound move. Moms and dads may be asked for gift ideas for themselves, and many spouses will be helping children shop for another parent. Establishing awareness with these segments centered around holiday messaging can help brands forge a stronger relationship with moms and dads, who may hold a high lifetime value as loyal, repeat customers.

Holidays don’t simply represent a short-term opportunity to drive immediate sales; Family-oriented holidays in particular can be leveraged to build stronger emotional connections and build the kind of long-term affinity that helps generate ongoing growth.

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Source: National Retail Federation, 2023