AUDIENCEX Celebrates a Decade of Innovation and Shares Vision for Future

We at AUDIENCEX are proud to be celebrating a decade of pioneering achievements in the digital advertising space. Over the past ten years, we have consistently worked to establish ourselves as a leader in delivering customized, data-powered marketing solutions that provide measurable value for advertisers.

Founded in 2013, AUDIENCEX was first formed by the synthesis of three complementary entities – an award-winning creative and strategy agency, an advanced DSP built on top of AppNexus, and an omnichannel performance marketing company. Unifying each into the newly formed AUDIENCEX, our two company co-founders committed to a singular mission: to redefine the landscape of digital advertising by harnessing the power of technology, creativity and data to drive scalable performance outcomes for agency and brand direct clients. A decade later, this mission remains fully intact, at the heart of every technology innovation, every omnichannel campaign, and every strategic partnership the company delivers on behalf of its clients.

We know that our ten-year journey stands as testament to our exceptional team, our relentless commitment to innovation, and our unwavering belief in the value of strategic excellence. While we take pride in our past accomplishments, our sights are set squarely on the future. In a period of continued macroeconomic uncertainty, integrated advertising solutions have become more important than ever, underscored by holistic, strategic support that helps resolve key business challenges for our clients. Looking forward, we will continue to harness the power of data science, predictive analytics, and tech-powered creative to deliver against ambitious business goals for agencies and brands.

Our team has a fierce dedication to elevating the impact and measurability of every touchpoint throughout the entirety of the consumer journey. We recognize that the coming decade will be about proactively predicting and addressing audience needs to drive results and compete effectively in any vertical. With this challenge clearly in mind, we have significantly evolved our tech infrastructure to drive exceptional performance for marketers today, while establishing a dynamic foundation for the years ahead. Recent innovations include:

  • Cookieless Solutions: Prioritizing ethical and effective digital advertising. AUDIENCEX’s innovative approach respects user choices and privacy, balancing this with advertiser needs to extract crucial insights without infringing on individual rights.
  • AI-Driven Solutions: Merging intelligence and intent for deeper brand connections. Advanced AI-framework promises optimized operations, enriched content creation, advanced predictive audience modeling, and smart bidding algorithms.
  • Retail and Shopper Marketing Solution: Creating a nexus of personalization, insight, and retail experience. By harnessing AI, data analytics, and deep consumer understanding, AUDIENCEX is ushering in a new era where brands can offer seamless, contextual engagements that drive loyalty and sales, whether in-store or online.
  • Data Consultation Services: Simplifying complex data into actionable future strategies. This new offering employs sophisticated technology, in-depth analytics, and expert insights to navigate complicated data scenarios, like first-party data, into clear action plans and powerful predictive models.
  • CTV Solutions: Merging linear TV modalities with innovative techniques for tailored viewer interactions. Harnessing the power of connected television, the time-honored impact of TV advertising is melded with the precision of digital targeting. 
  • Tech-Enabled Creative Services: Blurring lines between tech and artistry in storytelling. With state-of-the-art tools, such as AI, AR, and VR, AUDIENCEX is pushing the envelope in brand storytelling, crafting brand narratives that are both innovative and immersive.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to the continuous evolution of our tech stack and operational structure, recognizing that standing still is not an option. Brand marketers and independent agencies alike expect and rely on a dynamic strategic partner that can solve for the ongoing challenges of interoperability, privacy, identity and the fast-changing AI-landscape, each of which has reshaped the entire industry over the past several years. With this dynamic and strategic roadmap, we believe we have positioned ourselves to continue to fulfill this ever-evolving need well into their next decade and beyond.

To learn more about AUDIENCEX, reach out today to be connected with a member of our team.