Reach In-Market Shoppers on Amazon Advertising

AUDIENCEX is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Amazon Advertising, giving marketers and agencies access to programmatic advertising through the Amazon DSP, without the monthly minimums normally required from this industry-leading platform. 

Consumers flock to Amazon to discover, research, and purchase products—and Amazon Advertising allows marketers to create connections at key shopping moments to promote product and brand discoverability, and grow market share. 

Benefits of aX + Amazon Advertising

This partnership offers marketers & agencies a few key benefits, including the ability to: 

  • Target in-market audiences programmatically, both on Amazon sites and apps as well as through Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges
  • Scale their audiences from the leading global source of intent data in the world, combined with your own first-party data
  • Build unique audiences based on interactions with your products on Amazon, including product searches, views of specific product detail pages, purchases, or subscriptions
  • Understand the relationship and attribution between your marketing and shopping behaviors on Amazon, to help make your marketing more effective 
  • Access strategic service and support from AUDIENCEX, without the monthly minimum required by going directly to the Amazon DSP
  • Reach that is unparalleled, by combining Amazon search with Amazon DSP and unrestricted access to 24 industry-leading DSPs, search and social platforms in one place from AUDIENCEX

Unparalled Reach

Amazon has 202M monthly unique visitors in the US, but their audience goes far beyond to include 100M+ paid Prime members globally, as well as additional consumers buying from other Amazon brands such as Fresh, Kindle, Fire, IMDb, Whole Foods, and many more. Their scale and audience reach is unparalleled across the board. Amazon Prime, for example, has more movies available than Hulu & Netflix combined, and their audience is estimated to stream more than 5 BILLION hours of CTV in Q4 alone. 

Powerful Audience Data

All of this means that the amount of audience data collected by Amazon is unmatched, giving marketers the opportunity to reach an engaged and in-market audience at scale. In addition to advertising on Amazon site and apps, only the Amazon DSP enables advertisers to reach Amazon audiences wherever they are through Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges. When you combine this programmatic channel with Amazon search, you can track conversions regardless of the channel where they take place. This cross-channel attribution helps marketers to understand the relationship between their brand marketing and consumer shopping behaviors, to continue making marketing campaigns more effective. 

Cross-Platform Targeting: Combine Search with Display

Approximately 90% of retailers that sell their products on Amazon also advertise on Amazon search to get found and drive purchases, but only 10% also use Amazon display advertising. This presents a substantial opportunity for those not using display to increase market share for their products leveraging Amazon’s incredible audience data and reach. 

It is our mission at AUDIENCEX to offer offer marketers and agencies streamlined access to the tools and strategic support required to power high-performance advertising campaigns that deliver the highest possible return on ad spend. A critical part of this mission involves giving our clients access to the industry-leading DSPs and platforms to reach their target audience, no matter where they are online.

This new partnership with Amazon Advertising is a reflection of this mission, as we know that this platform is key for eCommerce and retail marketers who are looking to efficiently reach their best customers and find more like them.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can access the Amazon Advertising DSP through AUDIENCEX, or any of the other 24+ DSPs and platforms we partner with, please contact us. We’d love to talk about how we can help you discover new ways to reach your next best customer and drive revenue