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The largest independent programmatic trading desk

Increase your reach and unify your digital advertising with integrated access to 22 programmatic, search and social advertising platforms in one place.


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Why choose 1 DSP when you can have 22? tdX offers access to 22+ enterprise-level programmatic, search, and social advertising platforms to deliver better performance and increased reach. No matter where your audience is online, our trade desk will help you find and engage with them to deliver sustainable growth for your business.


Across channels, across screens, and across an ever-evolving communications ecosystem, we offer strategic guidance to help brands make informed decisions around channel-mix and budgetary allocation, ensuring that the campaign leverages the best performing blend of media options. Our technology assesses each platform on a 250-point evaluation to determine which demand side platform is right for your campaign goals, so you can find and engage with the right customers at the right time to deliver sustainable growth for your business.


Gain access to unified reporting and customizable dashboards for clarity and insights around the performance of your omnichannel campaigns. Our proprietary reporting tools monitor, quantify, and visualize a vast array of performance data in a way that is thorough, easy-to-grasp and immediately actionable. We give you the information you need to answer all your questions, and to know which ones to ask.


Because every business operates differently with unique goals, we offer two different ways to utilize our technology. For those looking for more strategic support, our account management teams serve as a day-to-day resource to help drive sustainable and scalable performance. For marketers who want more direct control over their campaigns, we also offer a self-serve model through our DSP partnerships. No matter which way you choose to work with us, we’ll offer the tools you need to ensure that campaign goals are not only achieved, but exceeded.

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