AUDIENCEX Relaunches $1,000,000 Growth Fund to Support Mid-Market Agencies and Brands

In the early days of the pandemic, as unprecedented economic uncertainty gripped the country and the world, we at AUDIENCEX launched the first aX Growth Fund. This $1,000,000 fund was established to help mid-market advertisers and agencies access adtech and martech that would enable them to unlock new revenue and weather prolonged economic contraction. The support from this fund was transformational, benefitting more than one hundred mid-market advertisers who were able to deploy new digital strategies and connect with increasingly online consumers who were largely confined to their homes.

As we approach the two year mark since the launch of this initial fund, marketers are once again facing challenges on multiple fronts. While we all continue to contend with the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic and its economic impact, there are also seismic changes affecting the digital landscape with the loss of third-party cookies, mobile identifiers, and evolving privacy regulations.

These changes necessitate new strategies, tactics, and technologies that must be implemented effectively, a considerable task which could be daunting for mid-market brands even at the best of times. As the pandemic has forced brands to lean on data and technology to stay nimble and adapt to changing media markets, it has become even more apparent that access to this technology is cost-prohibitive and resource-intensive for middle-market brands and agencies.

To help support our partners in the mid-market, AUDIENCEX is pleased to announce the launch of an additional $1,000,000 growth fund. Like our platform itself, this fund is designed to help close the technology gap. We want to democratize access to enterprise-level tech and help mid-market advertisers level the playing field with their larger competitors. This initiative will support that goal by empowering brands and agencies in the mid-market with seamless access to the full digital ecosystem, leveraging the best performing enterprise tech to access new revenue and grow their businesses. Along with this access, our team will help these partners develop and deploy new omnichannel strategies to more effectively reach consumers whose online behaviors and relationships with digital content have been fundamentally altered by the pandemic.

Like our first fund, this new $1,000,000 initiative will provide brand and agency partners with a holistic media consultation to form a strategic approach, a 25% match on purchased media impressions within their campaign, and high-impact creative to power their media plans and boost campaign performance through deeper consumer engagement.

We hope that this fund will again help mid-market, challenger brands not only survive but thrive through this period of uncertainty and beyond. It is our goal to support our partners through these difficult times and to help them attain full access to the latest ad tech while establishing stable strategic approaches that will empower their continued success through any shifts in the economic climate and digital advertising landscape.To learn more or to inquire about this opportunity for your brand or agency, please visit the aX Growth Fund page.