Webinar: Finding Synergy in Organic and Paid Social Strategies

We know that a social media presence isn’t optional for today’s brands. However, building and optimizing that presence can be a challenge. It’s vital to approach social media marketing with an understanding of the channels themselves, how your content lives within them, what factors impact your reach, how strategies on the organic and paid sides of social media differ, and where these approaches can intersect.

To share insights on social media marketing, AUDIENCEX recently held a webinar with Keith Mantia, Director of Search & Social, and Jovana Dominguez, Senior Social Strategist. They discussed both the organic and paid sides of social media marketing, how each can best be leveraged, where they’re distinct, and how you can effectively use both to build off one another and deliver stronger results for any brand on social media.

The webinar is now available for on-demand viewing at the link below.

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