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Virtual Roundtable: Best Practices for Programmatic Audio Campaigns

With the proliferation of programmatic audio, podcasts, and streaming radio, the way we listen to content is ever changing. By 2021, the average US adult will spend 86.88 minutes a day with digital audio, according to eMarketer.

As consumers move from radio to digital audio, major advertisers are buying fewer and fewer traditional radio ads, and instead are turning to digital to extend their audience reach and increase message frequency, with the inherent efficiencies that programmatic advertising offers over more traditional ad buys. 

Watch as this panel of industry experts discusses tips, tricks, and best practices to ensure that your programmatic audio campaigns are engaging the right audience to help build your brand and grow your business.  


  • Jim Ballas, Chief Technology Officer, PodcastOne 
  • Cameron White, Programmatic Sales Executive, pandora + soundcloud 
  • Chris Lane, Director of Sales, TuneIn
  • Jean-Louis Lauwers, Senior Consultant at AudioValley (Parent Company of Targetspot)
  • Lauren Hutton, VP Growth,  AUDIENCEX (moderator)

What: Best Practices for Programmatic Audio Campaigns

Where: View it on demand