Virtual Panel: The Cookie Countdown Continues

We all know that third-party cookies will be removed from Google Chrome sometime in 2022, but what does this mean for programmatic advertising? While there are many unknowns, now is the time for brands to find ways to connect with their customers without sacrificing their privacy. 

Watch on demand as AUDIENCEX’s panel of industry experts explore the implications of the great cookie countdown, and ways you can adjust your current advertising strategy to get prepared.

Title: The Cookie Countdown Continues: The Future of Programmatic Advertising


  • Austin Gremp  Lead Director, Client Strategy, The Trade Desk  
  • Mark Dye CSO, Bombora
  • Garrett McGrath VP of Product, Magnite
  • Travis Clinger SVP Addressability & Ecosystem, LiveRamp 
  • Max Yang VP Ad Ops, AUDIENCEX
  • Moderated by Danielle Gale Director of Strategy, AUDIENCEX

Where: View on demand