Webinar: Unified TV Marketing Across a Fragmented Landscape

We’ve all heard and talked a lot about CTV and digital video in recent years, but linear TV isn’t going away. As the viewing landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, it’s clear that simple advertising is no longer a viable approach; consumers are everywhere, and so commerce must be as well.

While more brands and agencies adapt and embrace a convergent TV strategy to coordinate their approach across all of these channels and use them to build off one another, their competitors that only leverage single channels – or take a siloed approach to each – are at risk of being left behind.

Recently, AUDIENCEX and our partners at Cannella Media discussed how bringing these channels together into one holistic strategy can improve performance for brands and agencies of any size. From tech and data science leveraged across every channel, to seamless attribution that empowers continuous optimization, they examine how you can unify your approach to convergent TV marketing and see real results.

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