The Future of Programmatic Advertising without Cookies: Key Takeaways

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting a virtual panel discussion around the topic of programmatic advertising without third-party cookies. Speakers included Austin Gremp   from The Trade Desk, Mark Dye from Bombora, Garrett McGrath from Magnite, and Travis Clinger from Liveramp. 

The conversation was lively and in case you missed it, we’ve compiled four key takeaways to give you a sense of steps you should take now to get ready for this big change. Or, if you’d like to watch the webinar on demand in its entirety, you can do that too! 

Here are four key takeaways on the future of programmatic advertising without cookies: 

1. Marketers need to begin testing non-cookie based solutions TODAY. 

Marketers should start testing ahead of the holiday season to understand and set benchmarks for how their campaigns will be affected post third-party cookie deprecation. 

You can test solutions such as first-party data and contextual tactics that don’t rely on third-party cookies. 

2. Alternative ID solutions are scalable and provide a privacy-friendly way to target users individually, rather than relying on solutions like Google’s FLoC (their alternative to third-party cookies) or cohort targeting. 

3. Publishers own a lot of second party data that marketers can leverage. Building key partnerships and relationships with publishers directly will be an important strategy for 2022. 

4. Marketers will need to focus on growing their first party data by offering value exchange incentives. For example, you could consider offering a 10% discount in exchange for a signup or email address. 

Looking for more advice on preparing for the cookieless future? Download our Guide, The Great Cookie Countdown, for more tips to help you assess your campaigns before the third-party cookie disappears.