Webinar: Navigating the Omnichannel Consumer Journey

The modern consumer journey is an omnichannel, full-funnel experience that more closely represents a complex web than a linear path of progression.

With many advertising channels including CTV, programmatic display and audio, social media, and digital out-of-home, there are an ever-increasing number of potential touchpoints for each individual user to interact with your brand, making it vital to understand how every platform and channel can interact with and support one another. For each brand and campaign, goals at different stages such as awareness, consideration, and conversion must be properly balanced in a holistic strategic approach to maximize overall performance, necessitating a solid understanding of how these all impact one another.

Register now to join experts from AUDIENCEX on Thursday, January 20th, as we take a closer look at the consumer journey in 2022, the omnichannel approach, and discuss how brands and agencies can best approach, develop, and continually adjust and adapt their strategies. If you can’t make it, register anyway to receive the recording – there’s no reason to miss out on these insights.