Webinar – aX Data Dive: Media Optimization Beyond MTA

As we consider the digital advertising landscape beyond the coming deprecation of third-party cookies, targeting isn’t the only question that’s left hanging unanswered.

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) was introduced to distribute credit to touchpoints all along the omnichannel customer journey, ensuring that the efficacy of all channels was properly measured. But after years of meticulous development, these attribution models are now facing down obsolescence. Their overall reliance on third-party cookies means that as the data and privacy landscape evolves, they will soon lose their ability to function.

There are other solutions, however, that are ready to step up in their place, analyzing channels across – and even beyond – the full digital ecosystem. AUDIENCEX Director of Analytics & Insights, Benji Joachim, recently took a look at the current state and looming fate of MTA, and explored the approaches we at aX believe can support attribution and optimization well into the future for marketers.