Webinar: Adapting Marketing for a Recession

As we weather a continued economic downturn and businesses prepare for the possibility of a recession, marketers are likely to find their budgets under increased scrutiny. While many brands consider potential cuts or reallocation of budget, those that maintain their advertising are likely to benefit from increased share of voice. As a stronger emphasis is placed on ROI, tactics can be adjusted to focus on performance marketing, promoting conversions while ensuring that your budget’s impact is easily attributable and that every spend is held accountable to perform.

Register now to join channel experts from AUDIENCEX on Thursday, August 4th, as we hold a roundtable discussion on how marketers can best navigate times of economic uncertainty to maintain performance and market share. Our team will provide their perspectives on effective tactics and channels to foster meaningful brand engagement and boost performance outcomes, while exploring how the latest ad tech can empower marketers to remain adaptable and responsive, enabling continued optimization throughout every campaign’s life cycle.

August 4th 2022
11 AM PT / 2 PM PT

Keith Mantia, Director of Search & Social
Phil Rizkalla, Programmatic Media Manager
Steven Kaufman, VP of Client Services
Rickey Bijlani, Senior Director of Marketing (Moderator)

If you can’t attend the live event, you can still register to receive the recording of the event after its conclusion, so there’s no need to miss out on this content.