Dynamic creative: the intersection of the customer journey and the brand story

At AUDIENCEX we are fully committed to the pursuit of exploring new technology solutions that will enhance and elevate the hundreds of campaigns that we run each month. Dynamic Creative is a powerful optimization tactic that we are now offering to our customers and that takes creative targeting for direct response campaigns to an entirely new level. Simply put, it presents the right message – expressed in the right way – to the right person and at the right time.

In his Ad Exchanger column The Data-Driven Thinker, Martin Kihn succinctly describes Dynamic Creative as “the place where the customer journey and the brand story intersect.” Now that marketers are achieving unprecedented breakthroughs in terms of reach, the more pressing struggle has become the quest for relevance. How do we tell stories that intersect with where potential customers are in their lives? How do we combine the human intuition and empathy that drives the best creative work with the power of the algorithm? Dynamic Creative is an exciting new piece of the puzzle that connects the left and right brains of marketing.

Our Dynamic Creative package allows for a library of thirty-six different ad sizes, a repository from which we can serve a custom ad, adjusted in real-time to an individual based on their internet browsing habits, as well as a vast array of other data points. Our predictive marketing tools then configure the appropriate content to display in each ad and predicts the product or message most likely to drive a conversion, ensuring that a hyper-relevant and custom impression is served to a precisely defined audience segment. Amongst other benefits, this helps eliminate negative attributes like less relevant viewership and clicks, possible viewer fatigue and any issues relating to over-exposure of ads.

Take for example, an athletic footwear and apparel company running a display campaign promoting their latest summer fitness line. A prospective customer is browsing the web after work and is served an ad from the company that reminds her of an upcoming marathon she’s training for. This particular user knows she needs new running shoes before the race, in addition to a hat and a water bottle. These items and more are served within the ad that Laura sees on her device. It’s a customized ad experience that serves relevant content for the user, all in real-time.

Dynamic Creative is just one more way we are delivering on our promise to empower marketers to speak directly with their customers. Newly developed optimization tactics like these are at the heart of what we do each and every day to stay at the forefront of the crowded digital marketing space.

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