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The Beginner’s Guide to Connected TV Advertising

Television content is being consumed in more places now than ever before. From streaming YouTube on their smartphones to watching their favorite shows on Hulu using a laptop, consumers can now access video content wherever and whenever they want. With video content that’s so readily available, consumers are no longer confined to watching shows, the news, or other programs at scheduled times on televisions at home. 

As the TV viewing options expand, so too do the advertising opportunities. Traditional TV advertising is no longer the only option for advertisers to engage with consumers on the big screen. Connected TV (CTV) now reaches 59.1% of the US population, and is expected to grow to 63.2% by 2023. Although CTV advertising makes up a small portion of overall video ad spending, it is expected to grow in the coming years—with advertisers spending nearly $14.12 billion by 2023. This steady growth prompts a need for advertisers to learn more about these platforms, and to understand how they can take advantage of this new wave of advertising options.

For advertisers, CTV offers a huge opportunity to create dynamic, interactive ad experiences across screens to drive increased engagement and brand recall, bringing consumers further down the purchase funnel. From Connected TV (CTV), which refers to a TV set connected to the internet through built-in internet capability to Over the Top (OTT ) which includes streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix, there are many different types of advanced TV options that advertisers should familiarize themselves with. 

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