In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this National Nonprofit day is especially meaningful for the team at AUDIENCEX. We are so proud of the many non-profit organizations we’ve supported – throughout the US and internationally – whose missions are to give back in meaningful ways. Recent engagements have included campaigns for Noman, Justifi, Venice Arts, Coral Vita, Nueva Vision Community Schools, Vision Care, and Blue Star Families. Below is a little bit more about some of the non-profits we’ve been honored to work with on a pro- bono basis.  

Noman serves to educate the community about the ongoing HPV cancer-related epidemic, and is focused on promoting a universal vaccination that should be available to all. They do so by organizing a series of extreme endurance races across the world—they believe each one is more than just a race, it’s a call to action. AUDIENCEX worked with Noman to build brand awareness via a pro bono campaign that included a social media lead generation campaign on Facebook, which drove sign-ups for their upcoming races.  

Justifi is a nonprofit organization that facilitates trips for Jewish young adults and students, emphasizing authentic experiences, local culture, and social change. We worked with them on a digital marketing campaign aiming to drive conversions and encourage more people to submit an application to attend an exciting and enriching Justifi trip. To drive engagement, we used customized creative and copy to attract different audience groups across the US. The campaign tracked several conversion points to track and nudge the user towards final submission with sequential messaging. 

Venice Arts is an organization that serves underprivileged youth through art education and mentoring. Their mission is “To ignite, expand, and transform the lives of Los Angeles’ low-income youth through photography and film education, and use participatory storytelling practices to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities around the world.” AUDIENCEX has helped to further their mission through fundraising, brand building and media execution in hopes of helping them reach potential donors—ultimately expanding their programs and maintaining the sustainable growth of the organization.

Coral Vita is an organization dedicated to helping communities fight the climate crisis. They are currently working to restore the coral reefs off of the coast of Grand Bahama, in an effort to restore the area that was destroyed from Hurricane Dorian in 2019. Our team is supporting them in making a difference with reef restoration through website design and digital campaigns on a pro bono basis. 

Nueva Vision Community School works to empower the youth of San Fernando Valley through music education, something the organization believes is integral to children’s development. We are currently working with Nueva Vision on fundraising projects as well as community outreach in order to help grow their student population and build visibility for this vitally needed community service.

VisionCare is an organization dedicated to preventing blindness in underprivileged communities around the world—through its Vision Eye Camps—in collaboration with doctors and hospitals, governments and NGOs, and mission organizations. The non-profit has grown to serve people in 38 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. We partnered with Vision Care to create a digital lead gen campaign that boosted awareness of the organization and helped to grow their volunteer base. 

The Blue Star Families organization serves to help military families connect with their neighbors—both individuals and organizations—to create larger communities of mutual support. Military families are faced with the challenges of deployment, frequent moves, and economic insecurity—and Blue Star Families works to provide programs that will give them the support they need to combat them. AUDIENCEX created a programmatic campaign that targeted active duty military, members of the reserve, and veterans to help build awareness of Blue Star and the organization’s mission. 

We are proud to work with each one of these organizations, helping to support their missions and ultimately grow their efforts of serving as many people as possible. Interested in learning more about these pro bono campaigns, or want to help contribute in some way? Contact us to connect with someone on the AUDIENCEX team!