5 Steps for Facebook Advertisers to Prepare for the Release of iOS 14

Apple is set to release iOS 14.5 this week, so it’s important to prepare for the new privacy updates ASAP. As mentioned in our  webinar, “How will iOS 14 impact Facebook advertisers?” iOS 14.5’s consumer privacy protections mean that Facebook’s targeting capabilities based on age, gender, or platform will no longer be accessible and there will be a decreased amount of data available to be used for segmentation. 

Here are some steps advertisers can take in order to prepare:

  • Verify your domain from within the Brand Safety section of Facebook Business Manager settings.
  • Prioritize the 8 events you want to track moving forward, as you will only be able to track 8 of them. If you have an ad set in your campaign that is using an event that is not in that list of 8, it will be permanently paused. You won’t be able to restart it; you will have to rebuild that campaign. So be sure to update it now.
  • Benchmark your performance now, so that you can compare previous results once iOS 14 is implemented.
  • Evaluate your ad creative. With the decrease in available data, you’ll need to rely more heavily on creating more compelling and attention-grabbing creative.
  • Build up your first-party data. Since first-party data will not be impacted in the same way, it might be the best way for you to understand your audience. 

If you weren’t able to attend or sign up for our webinar on iOS 14, you can view the recording here. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, we can help! Contact us to connect with a social media strategist who can help you with your paid social campaigns, help manage your organic social, or both.