Since our inception, AUDIENCEX has been committed to empowering mid-market advertisers with exclusive access to enterprise level tech that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them. Today, we announced our next step in that journey: an exclusive partnership with Marin Software, a global leader in bid management solutions for performance-driven advertisers and agencies.

Now, AUDIENCEX is the official provider of the MarinOne platform for mid-market brands and agencies, helping marketers unify their search, social, and ecommerce advertising initiatives.

With this new partnership, we are elevating the digital advertising experience and offering marketers:

  • Clarity. The customer journey may be a long & winding road, but following it can — and should— be easy. With MarinOne, AUDIENCEX advertisers will enjoy a clear & insightful view of their search, social, and ecommerce campaigns.
  • Quality. Data is a marketer’s most powerful resource, and the MarinOne platform can easily ingest marketer’s first and third party sources to ensure campaigns are AI optimized against high quality & relevant data.
  • Cohesion. Brands transcend platforms, and so should campaigns. Now, marketers can break down the barriers of the walled gardens of Google, Facebook, and Amazon to create cohesive, full-funnel omnichannel campaigns.
  • Control. From the intuitive, outcomes-oriented campaign wizard to a suite of automation rules, cross-channel campaign management is easier than ever with MarinOne & AUDIENCEX.

It’s an exciting time for performance-minded marketers, and even more exciting for all of us at AUDIENCEX.

As noted by our CEO Reeve Benaron, the partnership “signals another step forward in our mission to empower marketers of all sizes with the tools they need to drive real, measurable growth.”

After all, creating compelling & effective digital campaigns requires a comprehensive & cohesive approach, yet attaining cross-channel clarity & efficiencies remains a struggle for a majority of marketers.

Indeed, as our COO Jason Wulfsohn noted in the announcement, “ To truly engage audiences in a meaningful way, marketers need — and deserve — full-funnel, omnichannel solutions. “

Now more than ever, we’re delivering on that vision, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.