The customer journey is as varied as your audience. No matter where your customers are, AUDIENCEX manages and optimizes effective campaigns to reach and engage them across all digital marketing channels — from display & video to search, social, native, and beyond.


Connect with customers on their favorite sites and apps with intelligently targeted & delivered display ads. Programmatic display campaigns have a broad reach and can help you promote your brand, generate product awareness, increase sales, and get more leads. Choose the priorities that matter to you, and our trading desk’s platform assessment algorithm will determine the best DSP to match your needs.


Custom high-impact mobile ad units create interactive brand experiences that increase performance. Combining custom creative built for mobile with fast turnaround times and effective targeting means you can capture the attention of your ideal customer when and where they are most likely to engage.


Captivate your audience with premium and highly targeted cross-screen video for a one-to-one communication with potential customers. From full-screen pre-roll & high impact in-feed video to OTT and CTV, we help marketers create compelling brand experiences that seamlessly span across devices.


Accelerate the consideration phase of the customer journey with highly targeted & contextually relevant native ads. Access high quality native inventory from 12+ leading DSPs combined with sophisticated targeting capabilities to ensure your content appears when and where your audience is most apt to engage.


Build consumer engagement with social advertising across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, and Reddit. Our team of social strategists will help you achieve the brand visibility and engagement needed to guide behavior throughout the customer journey. We implement sophisticated audience segmentations, develop and design content, and deliver real-time campaign optimization to continuously elevate campaign performance.


Reach your audience the moment they begin their search, with powerful campaigns managed for maximum effectiveness. Our Google and Microsoft Ads-certified search team works to capture valuable high-intent traffic by identifying and targeting keywords that are most relevant to your audience, so we can optimize toward your specific KPIs. Increase your online or in-store sales, get more leads, and drive traffic to your site with paid search.


No matter how hard we try to pretend that TV is disappearing, it’s not. Connected TV (CTV) and OTT advertising gives advertisers the ability to reach their target audience wherever they are watching their favorite shows. Extend your reach and grow your audience with CTV.


Create more personalized, impactful campaigns and reach your target audience with digital audio. Send your message to highly engaged radio and podcast listeners, combining advanced targeting with audio inventory from all the major audio publishers in one place.


Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) combines the unparalleled viewability of traditional out-of-home advertising with the efficiency of digital advertising, in a brand-safe environment. Digital signage can be found anywhere, offering you the chance to reach new and existing consumers while they are out and about.


Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) enables thousands of ad permutations per second, creating the opportunity to personalize messaging and to engage potential customers. DCO uses powerful AI to predict the product or message most likely to drive a conversion, delivering an average 60% lift in campaign performance.


While traditional in-banner video solutions put a limit on file size, quality, and inventory, our partnership with SeenThis allows you to stream HD video within display inventory. Featuring interactive HTML layers and minimum load times, in-banner video is just as effective for branding as for performance.

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