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Digital marketing is going a million miles per hour and in every direction at once. Across every conceivable channel within the digital ecosystem – from display to search, social, video and native – we crunch numbers, transform big data into meaningful segments and actionable insights, and create seamless, optimized multi-channel campaigns for performance marketers.


The increasing complexity of consumer online behavior, along with the pressure on marketers to create ever-more conversions with ever-shrinking budgets, can cause anyone hoping to effectively reach their various target audiences to lose heart. But it gives AUDIENCEX a distinct advantage. We work with the industry’s leading display technologies, including Sizmek’s game-changing programmatic marketing platform, to connect marketers with consumers at every key moment of influence. This enables us to optimize media spend, engage, up-sell, and retarget consumers across multiple addressable, programmatic channels, including display, video, mobile, and social – simultaneously and in real time.


Digital video is revolutionizing the way your potential customers see and interact with the world. Our cross-channel video advertising campaigns accompany users across platforms, screens, and devices. Utilizing display, in-stream, social, mobile, and Programmatic TV, we provide stimulating and compelling experiences at every touch point and every stage of the customer journey – driven by data, focused on results.


Your end users want to engage with relevant native content as part of a unique overall experience. Our Programmatic Native tools serve ads on an impression-by-impression level, leveraging real-time data and allowing marketers to parcel their spend based on parameters that include geographic location, device, language, contextual and behavioral cues, conversion activity, and much more. Combine the contextual integration of native advertising with the precise, audience-specific targeting that performance marketers have come to expect from their programmatic display campaigns.


Social media enables brands to build resonant, multi-faceted consumer engagement while gaining a deeper insight into audience behaviors. AUDIENCEX takes full advantage of the power of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as influencer campaigns, to achieve the kind of brand visibility and engagement that guides behavior throughout the customer journey. We implement sophisticated audience segmentations, develop and design content, and deliver real-time campaign optimization to continuously elevate campaign performance.


Every AUDIENCEX PPC campaign is subjected to rigorous analysis, customization, optimization, measurement, and refinement, according to our proprietary methodologies, that maximize your online market reach and ROI. Our Google AdWords-certified paid search team uses custom bid-management software to capture valuable, high-intent site traffic by identifying and targeting the keywords most relevant to your online consumer.


Programmatic TV combines the raw branding power of television with the fluidity, granular targeting, and in-depth measurement that savvy advertisers demand. AUDIENCEX now offers an impression-by-impression marketplace for linear TV ad inventory. Finally the streamlined specificity of digital advertising is coming to the most prominent screen in the home.


Every brand story is different, and now there are potentially millions of ways to bring those stories to life. Our Dynamic Creative Optimization offering enables literally thousands of ad permutations per second, creating opportunities to personalize variations within specific messaging choices and to engage potential customers in ways that are vastly more unique and targeted than ever before. Dynamic Creative Optimization has been shown to deliver an average 60% lift in campaign performance, representing a quantum leap forward in the ability of brands to deliver highly individualized variations within their storytelling choices.

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