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We live in a mobile era. Your audience spends a lot of time on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets with wireless connections, and highly targeted mobile advertising allows marketers to provide personalized content to your audience, based on location, browsing, and buying habits.

Why Mobile Advertising?

Being at the right place at the right time makes a big difference in digital marketing. Consumers spend more time on mobile devices than ever before, and marketers must embrace this powerful channel to engage with their customers, or risk wasting valuable ad dollars or impressions. In programmatic advertising, mobile is key to getting your ad in front of the target audience when they are ready to engage, and works very well when paired with display, native, and other programmatic channels.

Mobile Ad Formats

In today’s world where smartphones are always on, mobile advertising is a versatile way to connect with audiences in a variety of formats, including banner ads, native ads, rich media, high impact, or video ads. Connect with your audience wherever they are in a variety of compelling ways.

Mobile Audience Targeting

  • Mobile Location Targeting: Relies on location data and site visit data to drive consumers to shop online and in-store

  • Mobile Retargeting: Connect with consumers who have previously visited a site or app and retarget them efficiently

  • Cross-Device Targeting: Reach your audiences across screens to help drive them further down the purchase funnel

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