Extend Your Reach and Grow Your Audience with CTV


No matter how hard we try to pretend that TV is disappearing, it’s not. Connected TV (CTV) advertising gives marketers the ability to reach their target audience wherever they are watching their favorite shows.

For advertisers, CTV offers the opportunity to grow your audience, extend your reach, and control frequency across premium television inventory.

Benefits of CTV Display Advertising

  • Increase brand awareness by reaching your target audience with fewer wasted impressions

  • Extend your reach across channels for a true omnichannel campaign

  • Utilize cross-device frequency capping to minimize ad fatigue and increase engagement

Why Advertise on Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) now reaches 59.1% of the US population, and is expected to grow to 63.2% of the population by 2023. Here are a few reasons why marketers should consider advertising on CTV and OTT: 

  • Reach cord cutters and streaming TV viewers

  • Achieve 90%+ video completion rates on premium video content

  • Target first-party and third-party audiences on television

  • Eliminate typical lead time for running TV ads

Get the Guide: CTV, OTT ATV, WTF? 

As the TV viewing options expand, so too do the advertising opportunities. And with them come a whole new set of acronyms to decipher. Download this Beginners Guide to CTV to learn more. 

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