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Digital video is revolutionizing the way your audience gets information, live their lives, and interact with your brand. Captivate your audience with high impact — and highly targeted — cross-screen video advertising.

Combining compelling video creative with the lightning fast speed of programmatic advertising allows you to reach your audience in an instant.

From full-screen pre-roll & high impact in-feed video to programmatic television, AUDIENCEX helps marketers create compelling brand experiences using video that seamlessly span across devices.

Benefits of Programmatic Video Advertising

  • Provide a compelling and engaging experience

  • Target your best potential customers across screens and devices

  • Adjust your campaign quickly & easy to optimize performance

Why Use Programmatic Video?

  • Primarily an upper-funnel channel

  • Best used for increasing brand awareness or promotional events

  • Works well when paired with other channels for an effective cross-channel campaign

Types of Video Ads

  • In-Stream (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll)

  • Outstream (In-banner, in-page, in-text)

  • Interactive Video Ads

  • In-Game Video Ads

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