Creative Specifications



Best Practices

  • Tweet copy should be short with a clear message- the best performing Tweets are only 50-100 characters and include a strong CTA.

  • Use strong and compelling visuals to help support your tweet. Video traditionally outperforms other creative.

  • Increase presence by engaging with other relevant brands and public figures for genuine social conversation.

Promoted Ads

PlatformTypeTweet CopyImage Width/HeightAspect RatioTitle LengthFile Size/LengthFile Type
Desktop, MobileImage Ads280 charactersMin Width: 600px Height: Any2:1 to 1:1, 16:9N/A20 MBJPG or PNG
Desktop, MobileVideo Ads280 charactersN/A16:9, 1:170 Characters1GB, 15 seconds or lessMOV or MP4
Desktop, MobileCarousel Ads280 charactersMin Width: 600px Height: Any1.91:1 or 1:1N/A20 MB, 2-6 photosJPG or PNG
Desktop, MobileMoment Ads280 charactersMin Width: 600px Height: Any2:1 to 1:1, 16:9N/AN/AN/A
Desktop, MobileText Ads280 charactersN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A


PlatformTypeFile SizeVideo LengthFile TypeAspect Ratio
Desktop, MobilePre-RollMax 1GB15 seconds or less, max 2 minutes 20 secondsMOV or MP416:9, 1:1
Desktop, MobileSponsorshipMax 1GB15 seconds or less, max 2 minutes 20 secondsMOV or MP416:9, 1:1

Twitter Live

PlatformBit RateResolutionFrame RateKeyframe IntervalCarouselCharacter Count
Desktop, Mobile128bps max1280x720 recommended 1920x1080 max30-60 fpsOBS: Every 3 secondsMax 5 videos280 Characters

Twitter Takeover

PlatformFile TypesAspect RatioFile SizeHashtag LengthTakeover Description
Desktop, Mobile6 seconds looping GIF, MP4, or static image16:95MB for image,
15MB for GIF
16 charactersMax 30 characters

Twitter Takeover

PlatformTweet CopyPoll OptionsPoll CopyPoll Duration
Desktop, MobileUp to 280 characters2-4 options25 characters eachMinimum 5 minutes, maximum 7 days

Conversation Button

PlatformTweet CopyHashtagTweet Copy (Pre-populated)Headline (Pre-populated)Thank You TweetThank you text
Desktop, Mobile280 characters21 characters256 characters23 characters256 characters23 characters

For the best viewing experience, please view on your laptop or desktop.

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