Creative Specifications



Best Practices

  • Keep Ad creative simple and concise with a clear key message. Ads should seek to mirror the bite-sized and linear storytelling of Snaps.

  • Snapchat recommends keeping duration closer to :05-:06. Snapchat applies a brand name and headline to the upper left corner of your creative.

  • To prevent overlap, we suggest keeping the top 150 px of the canvas clear of graphics or logos.

Single Image or Video

PlacementDimensionsAspect RatioFile Type/FormatAudioLengthFile Size
Mobile1080x1920Video: MP4, MOV, H.264
Encoded Image: PNG or JPEG
PCM or AAC codec, 192 minimum kps, 16 or 24 bit only, 48 KHz sample rateStereo AAC audio compression, 128kbps + preferred3-180 secondsVideo: 1GB or less
Image: 5MB or less

Story Ads

PlacementImageHeadlineBrand Name
Mobile993x284 .PNG360x600, up to 2 MB55 characters max25 characters

Collection Ads

PlacementTypeFormatDurationFile Size
MobileThumbnailJPG or PNGN/A2MB or less
MobileImage or VideoJPG, PNG, MP4:03-:05NA

Snap Filters

PlacementCanvasFile SizeFile FormatTransparencyBuffer Zone
Mobile1080x2340300KB or lessPNG50% of the image must be transparent310px within top or bottom


PlacementCanvasAspect RatioLengthFile FormatsFile SizeAudio
Mobile1080x23409:163 to 6 seconds, 7 to 180 seconds extended playMP4, MOV, and H.2641GB or lessPCM or AAC codec, 192 minimum kps, 16 or 24 bit only, 48 KHz sample rate

For the best viewing experience, please view on your laptop or desktop.

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