Creative Specifications

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Best Practices

  • Including all three dimensions (rectangle, square, and portrait) per creative concept is reccommended in order to achieve placement scale.

  • Motion, slideshow, or GIF ads typically see higher engagement.

  • If only one asset is available, the square is the preferred dimension.

  • Running on individual placements with only one dimension is not within the best practice due to the machine learning nature of ad placements.

  • CTAs are from the Facebook pick list as opposed to customizable CTAs. The CTA will be selected off of the best-fit for the objective.

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Image Ads

DevicePlatformImage SizeImage RatioHeadlineTextLink Description
Desktop, MobileFacebook1200x6281.91:127 Characters125 Characters27 Characters
Desktop, MobileFacebook1080x10801:127 Characters125 Characters27 Characters
Desktop, MobileFacebook628x12001.91:127 Characters125 Characters27 Characters

Carousel Ads

PlatformImage or Video SizeRatioHeadlineTextLink DescriptionNumber of Cards
Desktop, Mobile1080x10801:140 Characters125 Characters20 Characters2-10

Collection Ads

PlatformImage or Video SizeRatioFile TypeHeadlineText
Desktop, Mobile1200x6281.9:1Video or Photo25 Characters90 characters

Desktop and Mobile App Ads

PlatformImage SizeImage RatioText
Desktop, Mobile1200x6281.91:190 characters

Video Ads

PlatformVideoFormatAudioAspect RatioLengthResolutionFile SizeHeadlineTextLink Description
Desktop, MobileH.264 video compression, high profile preferred, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan.MP4 containerStereo AAC audio compression, 128kbps + preferred9:16 to 16:9240 minutes maximumMinimum width 600px4 GB25 Characters125 characters30 Characters

Slideshow Ads

PlatformImage SizeAspect RatioHeadlineTextLink DescriptionNumber of Videos
Desktop, Mobile1280x72016:9, 1:1, or2:325 Characters90 characters30 Characters3-7

instagram logo

Feed Single Image Ads

FormatDimensionsFile TypeAspect RatioFile SizeCaption
Landscape1200x628JPG or PNG1.91:130 MB125 characters
Square1080x1080JPG or PNG1.91:130 MB125 characters

Carousel Ads

FormatDimensionsMediaFile TypeAspect RatioFile SizeCaptionLength
Image1080x10802-10 images or videosJPG or PNG1:130MB per image125 characters-
2-10 images or videosMP41:14GB per video125 characters60 seconds max


FormatDimensionsFile TypeAspect RatioFile Size
Image1080x1920JPG or PNG9:1630 MB max
Video1080x1920.MOV or MP49:164GB max

For the best viewing experience, please view on your laptop or desktop.

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