What makes a business thrive is passion and its people. A talented team coupled with a positive work environment and plentiful opportunities to grow is what can push a company to new heights. But who helps create this team and an exciting work culture? In this aX Profile, we’re getting to know the person in charge of exactly that, Tiffany Kim, also known as our Director of People Ops.

A Day in the Life
Just like the name suggests, the Director of People Ops is the person who deals with the talented folks at AUDIENCEX. In other words, her department is in charge of the full life cycle of an employee. Speaking to her daily routine, Tiffany stated, “I’m on a lot of initial phone interviews with prospective employees and I work with management to ensure employee retention and happiness.”

In terms of big picture responsibilities, Tiffany also assists with payroll, employee quarterly reviews, and maintaining office culture.

Whatever she accomplishes in the office, Tiffany always does it with enthusiasm and her adorable dog, Cody, following behind. “Cody will be my forever #1. I love keeping others on their feet by choosing a different outfit for him everyday!”

Tiffany comes with a pretty diverse background, having worked in accounting, events, and fashion. She got her first taste of the finance world at BKM, LLC., where she was a staff accountant helping with tax returns. She then transitioned to Elite Cooperative, where she was an executive assistant scheduling and managing events at Mountain High and Big Bear.

Tiffany then moved to Fashion by Wholesale, where she was the internet sales manager, working through the entire life cycle of an order, from photo shoots to product packaging.

How does her background help her succeed at AUDIENCEX? “Each company was a start up and had fewer than 10 employees, so I learned very quickly how to wear multiple hats and how to hustle to get the job done. All my past experiences have helped me be ready for my place at aX.“

What made Tiffany choose AUDIENCEX? She stated, “AUDIENCEX is in the ad tech industry, which is always growing and ever changing. Similarly, my role has been constantly changing, which works well for me. I thrive in an environment where I can face new challenges and have some change. And I have had plenty of both at AUDIENCEX.”

As for her favorite moment at aX thus far, this is what Tiffany had to say: “This is a really hard question. I’ve been here for so long and I could probably make a huge list of moments. But if I had to narrow it down to a single activity, I probably had the most fun being on our fantasy football league. Each week, we’d have employees go against each other and place dare-like side bets. And once a week, you’d see the losers either wear a fake moustache all day or get pied in the face in the parking lot.”

Continually Growing
At aX we value growth, continuous improvement, and a constant strive to push yourself out of your comfort zone. So how does Tiffany keep growing and learning in her role? She started in the Finance department and realized there was a huge knowledge gap in the HR field. She took it upon herself to learn what was needed and apply it to the company.

“We grew so quickly, which is amazing, but this also made the job of two hats much more difficult. Now that I’m fully in the People Ops department, I continue to challenge my knowledge in this industry and work my hardest to keep this company running at its best capability.”

Helping Her Team
Tiffany’s door is always open. She’s always ready and willing to help her peers at aX: “this goes for everyone in the company, let alone my small team. All questions are answered and I will try to be as transparent as possible.”

On the flip side, Tiffany also turns to others for guidance and growth: “Two strong women in my life I turn to for personal and professional advice are my mother and my HR mentor, Karine Shahar. Both are owners of their own company and I find them to be very empowering. I also know that I can ask them anything without judgement that will help me in my future.”

Outside the Office
We continued the conversation by asking Tiffany how she keeps busy outside the office and this is what she had to say: “What I do really depends on how I feel. On one hand, I love traveling, meeting up with friends, and trying new experiences, but I also love finding time to stay home and read a good book, binge watch a show on Netflix, or plan out my list of to do’s for the week.”

She’s also been hooked to Instagram a lot more lately, catching up on what her long-time friends have been up to plus she always loves a good Pinterest browse. Tiffany also added that she’s been playing the game Emoji Blitz on her phone for years: “Basically, it’s Bejeweled but instead of jewels, it’s Disney Tsum Tsums. It’s fun, super cute, and you can collect Disney characters as stickers on your iPhone chats.”

Tiffany made sure to point out that she is “an avid TV watcher, but my all time favorite shows are ones that can make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve watched an episode. My #1 top show would be Friends, but a close second would be How I Met Your Mother. And then I’d have to make a shout out to Game of Thrones. I’m definitely a sci-fi, fantasy nerd on the inside.”

In terms of music, Tiffany enjoys EDM or Jazz. “Sounds ridiculous because they’re polar opposites, but those are my two favorite genres.”

Fun Facts
In her own words: “I love all dance, and I really do mean all dance. I was in a hip hop dance troupe in college called 909, but I also have been doing Korean traditional dance for over 10 years. I even perform at Disneyland for Lunar New Years. Another cool fact about me is I have family all over the world: Korea, Brazil, Australia, and Canada.”

Hypothetically Speaking
Shifting the conversation, we asked Tiffany what she thinks will change in advertising in the coming years. This was her response: “Being in HR, I don’t really see the day-to-day trends in the industry, but what I can see is a shift in the types of people looking for employment and what we look for. Engineers were and still are a hot commodity for many ad tech firms, but lately, I see more roles needing a little more data/analytical experience.”

What type of ad does Tiffany think she’ll be targeted with next? Instagram ads for sure. “I constantly get targeted by clothing companies and earth conservation companies. So, I’m the perfect audience for something like AllBird shoes.”

The Future
What is Tiffany looking forward to most in the next 5 years? “I hope that AUDIENCEX continues to grow and I grow with it.  All the new challenges and experiences push me to elevate myself and learn more than I would’ve at any other job.”

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