The success of a campaign is highly dependent upon a team of people monitoring it every step of the way to ensure that it’s performing well and clients are happy. Just ask Katie Warne, a Key Account Manager here at aX. We caught up with her to learn more about her day to day, what motivates her, and more!

A Day in the Life

As a Key Account Manager, Katie’s daily workload is centered around the needs of some of aX’s top-tier partners. On a daily basis, she helps to set up campaigns, monitor performance, provide optimization insights, and keep all stakeholders updated on progress. 


Katie joined the aX team immediately following college, after completing some unique marketing internships including one in Norway with a family-owned conglomerate; another in Memphis with a 60-year-old family dining concept; one in Nashville at a start-up; and finally, one in Los Angeles at a large agency of record. This variety of work assignments and industries prepared her to work with a diverse portfolio of clients at aX.


Katie loves the company culture! Her awesome colleagues at aX and the strong learning environment, are two things she thinks make this company great. She loves the amazing perks too: office dogs, snacks, and unlimited PTO, to name a few! 

Continually Growing

Katie is constantly looking for opportunities to learn so that she can stay on top of the ever-changing Ad Tech world. A fellow aX employee recently introduced her to an awesome podcast by AdExchanger called “AdExchanger Talks.” It’s unique in that it doesn’t just inform listeners about trends, changes, and innovation; it also features industry leaders who give their perspectives on a wide array of topics. Katie highly recommends it!

Teamwork Makes the Dream work

Katie loves to be the person who her team turns to for anything, whether it’s something small like reviewing an email draft, or something big like discussing internal process changes. The two areas she is consulted on the most are Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Foot Traffic Attribution. Katie has run a lot of campaigns utilizing both of these strategies and is fascinated by the many ways AUDIENCEX’s clients use them to get the most out of their media dollars.

While she definitely leans on her colleagues and managers for client and campaign advice, Katie also goes to her parents for an objective perspective. When she can’t see the forest for the trees, her family helps guide her the most. Even though they have no idea what she does, their sage wisdom always applies. 

Outside the Office

Katie’s de-stress regimen and most rewarding hobby is baking. There’s now a reputation to uphold within the office for her “Katie Cakes!” She enjoys taking requests for her aX colleagues’ birthdays and office parties. She’s even been known to bribe people into pulling a late night with her in exchange for one of her homemade cakes. 

Office Dogs

A new dog mom as of this month, Katie’s favorite dog is a Goldendoodle! Her boy Charlie (@a.charlie.tail) is the cutest and has already adjusted to life as an office pup.

Digital Distractions

Katie’s favorite distractions are reading her Kindle or listening to Podcasts! She says she’s one of those “I can’t set this down, it’s so good” type of people. Katie has taken a long lunch break here and there just to sneak in a chapter/episode or two. 

She is a new listener to the comedy/true-crime podcast “My Favorite Murder.” Excitingly, it has over 200 episodes that she’s slowly making her way through during her daily commute to work. When Katie is stuck in LA traffic, it gives her perspective and a lot of laughs!

On-theme with her new podcast obsession, the latest show she’s been binging on is Mindhunter on Netflix. She recently found out that true crime is her jam, and she loves the dramatized retelling of this real-life story. It is a little darker than her usual series of choice (Friends, The Office, etc.), but she is a huge fan nonetheless. 

Fun Facts About Katie

  1. She won her puppy in a nationwide Instagram contest
  2. She lived in Shanghai for a year, and it’s her favorite city in the world

Favorite Office Memories

Katie’s favorite memories revolve around holiday celebrations in the aX office. As part of our party planning committee, she enjoys coming up with fun things to do year-round. It’s hard to beat the three annual events at aX: Halloween department trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving potluck, and the holiday white elephant gift exchange.

Hypothetically Speaking

We asked Katie what 3 things she thinks will change in the advertising industry in the next 3 years, and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Decreased personalization (specifically, personalization at the expense of user privacy)
  2. Moving away from influencer-spend that does not provide data or insights
  3. Increased video measurability, reach, and formats to match massive growth

Audience Targeting

Katie speculates that the next targeted ads she’ll see will be for engagement rings (we’re hoping her boyfriend doesn’t read this)!

The Future

Katie is looking forward to a lot of things in the years ahead—many revolve around traveling and exploring. She is going on a safari in February to usher in the (new) roaring ‘20s!

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