When it comes to running a successful campaign, advertisers typically take one of two routes: self-serve or managed. With self-serve, marketers take charge of  their campaigns, trusting in their own expertise to manage the intricate nuances that drive performance. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are without support or guidance from their partners. That’s where our Self-Serve team comes in. In this aX Profile, we’re getting to know Brittany Wray, the Director of Self-Serve at AUDIENCEX. What does her day-to-day look like, and how does she work alongside her peers to empower her clients?

A Day in the Life
As the Director of Self-Serve, Brittany Wray is involved with both pre and post-sale tasks. This includes “supporting our clients by answering emails, creating how-to documents and best practices, conducting trainings, and proactively ensuring their campaigns are running smoothly.”

In addition to this, Brittany spends time “working to improve AUDIENCEX’s Sizmek offerings as well as improve the platform by reporting platform issues and bugs.” You can also find her “conducting pre-sales demos, answering sales questions, and creating contracts for new clients.” Finally, Brittany explained that she is “continuously creating processes and procedures to help document our work and create best practices for the future.”

Brittany excels at her role at AUDIENCEX every day, and that’s because she’s had a ton of experience in the advertising industry. Prior to AUDIENCEX, Brittany worked at Videology for six years, starting with essentially no knowledge and working her way to Senior Operations Manager, where she oversaw all of the West Coast clients both managed and self-service.

Speaking to her previous position, Brittany stated “My roles at Videology not only taught me digital advertising, but also the key industry players, how to communicate with different types of clients (internal and external), as well as how to effectively demo a technology product, which are all key to my work at AUDIENCEX.”

What made Brittany turn to AUDIENCEX? “AUDIENCEX is at the core of all things digital advertising. Not only can I use my past experiences to succeed here, but I have also been able to grow personally and professionally.”

We asked Brittany what her favorite moment with the AUDIENCEX team has been so far and she stated, “My favorite moment so far has been volunteering with my coworkers. Not only have I wanted to be more involved in our community but volunteering with aX has given me the opportunity to spend time with coworkers who I wouldn’t normally interact with on a regular basis.”

Continually Growing
Continuously learning and growing is something we stand by at AUDIENCEX. We asked Brittany how she works to improve every day and she said, “I am constantly searching internally and externally for information to improve my knowledge of our DSP and industry. I actively attempt to be involved in meetings and trainings regardless of my need to know at the moment and regardless if I already consider myself knowledgeable on the topic at hand.”

Helping Her Team
Brittany always acts as a resource for her team. She stated, “I document as much as possible. When I come across new product features, I share them with my team whether that be via slack, email, or our team drive. As my team evolves, I am working to create processes and procedure to keep us organized and running smoothly.”

In addition to helping her team, Brittany also reaches out to others professionally: “There are so many knowledgeable people at aX that I am always relying on the expertise of different aX employees. The three people I turn to most often are Darryl Singer, Roy Massey, and my sister, Casey. Darryl has been a mentor to me both in a professional sense as well as someone very knowledgeable in our industry. I am constantly relying on Roy’s expertise and seniority at aX to help improve my knowledge. Finally, my sister is in the same industry and is a valuable asset for bouncing ideas off of – it always helps to get an outsider’s perspective!”

Outside the Office
During her free time, Brittany enjoys taking part in activities where she can bring her dog along, like hiking, dog-friendly breweries, and road trips. But Brittany isn’t the only fan of dogs. At AUDIENCEX, we have a ton of dogs in the office. When we asked her what her favorite animal is, she replied with “If I had to choose an animal other than my dog Benny, I would say frogs. Unfortunately, a frog will not turn into a prince when you kiss him.”

In terms of other activities that’s got Brittany hooked, she loves using Instagram since it’s a “quick way to keep up-to-date on my friends’ and family’s lives and I honestly enjoy the ads I get on the app.” Brittany is also currently rewatching Happy Endings on Hulu. According to her, “it’s the most underrated sitcom style comedy ever.” As for podcasts, she “listens to an unhealthy amount of true crime podcasts. My favorites are Sword and Scale, Generation Why, True Crime all the Time, Court Junkie, Casefile.. I said unhealthy.”

Fun Facts
Brittany is a twin, and her older brother and sister are also twins. On top of that, her twin sister married a twin!

Hypothetically Speaking
Shifting the conversation, we asked Brittany about three things she thinks are going to change in the advertising industry in the next three years. These were her answers:

  1. “I think we will see more capabilities emerge in the CTV realm. This type of digital advertising is becoming more and more desirable to advertisers who want their brand displayed on the fully-viewable big screen. CTV however is far behind in its targeting and measuring capabilities which leaves a lot of room for growth.
  2. Self-serve is going to boom, of course.
  3. Maybe not as soon as three years, but I have a theory that augmented reality advertising will eventually be a norm.”

In terms of the type of ad Brittany thinks she’ll be targeted with next, she said “Probably an ad for something I don’t need, but will buy anyways.”

The Future
What is Brittany looking forward to most in the next 5 years? “Watching [her] baby niece grow up!”

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