Programmatic Advertising

Reach the Right Person at the Right Time

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses technology to automate the buying and selling of digital ads in real time. It offers a quick and easy way to buy online ad inventory across a variety of websites and networks to reach your target audience, when and where they are ready to engage.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Incorporating programmatic advertising into your digital marketing strategy can help you reach a larger audience, leading to more growth and increased ROI.

  1. Efficiency

See your results come to life immediately, and make adjustments to your campaign at any point, in real-time.

2. Increased Reach

Determine the specific audience you want to reach using a wealth of online data, and engage with them across hundreds of websites, wherever they happen to be online.

3. Transparency

Obtain clear insights to your media buying and ad spend so you can monitor campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) and spend effectively.

4. Advanced Targeting

Reach your ideal customer with sophisticated targeting tactics across all channels and devices.

Programmatic Channels

Most marketers rely on multiple ad formats to run a successful campaign. Your target audience can be reached across many different channels with programmatic advertising, including:

  • Display

  • Video

  • CTV

  • High Impact Mobile

  • Native

  • Audio

  • Digital Out of Home

Programmatic Advertising with AUDIENCEX

With our roots in performance media, the team at AUDIENCEX delivers comprehensive programmatic marketing plans leveraging advanced technology and years of strategic expertise. We focus on creating campaigns that are both inspiring and highly effective, thanks to our unified access to 18+ demand side platforms (DSPs), search and social platforms to help keep your brand top of mind and build measurable connections throughout the sales cycle.

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