APRIL 16, 2021

How Apple’s iOS 14 Will Change the Advertising Landscape
AUDIENCEX COO and Co-founder, Jason Wulfsohn, explains that in order to better understand the issue of consumer privacy, we need look no further than Apple’s recent release of iOS 14 and the privacy-driven changes to IDFA that are still to come.

APRIL 13, 2021

AUDIENCEX Ranks #80 on Financial Times’ List of Fastest Growing Companies in the Americas 
AUDIENCEX, the largest independent trading desk, was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas by The Financial Times. The company has rapidly expanded its practice of helping middle-market businesses get more from their marketing dollars, and as a result has seen revenue grow 78% YoY in the first quarter of 2021.

APRIL 6, 2021

AUDIENCEX Experiences 78% YoY Revenue Increase in Q1 2021
AUDIENCEX’s revenue increase in Q1 2021 positions the company for a year of continued expansion. As the economy shows signs of recovery, AUDIENCEX aims to deploy a robust strategy around team growth and product development.

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MARCH 22, 2021

Does Marc Pritchard Really Speak for Advertisers?
“Pritchard, spokesperson for the world’s largest advertiser, has positioned his company as an almost omniscient voice representing not only their interests, but the interests of all marketers. But is this a fair assumption?” asks Jason Wulfsohn, AUDIENCEX COO and Co-Founder.

MARCH 16, 2021

AUDIENCEX Ranked #88 on Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies in California
AUDIENCEX announced today that the company has been placed at #88 on the Inc. 5000 regional list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in California, making it the third consecutive year that they received this prestigious ranking.

MARCH 2, 2021

What Happens Post-Cookie?
AUDIENCEX Director of Strategy, Danielle Gale, explains how advertisers can prepare for 2022, which is when Google announced it will phase-out the third-party tracking cookie. 

FEBRUARY 3, 2021

AUDIENCEX Acquires New York-Based Agency Big Buzz Marketing Group
AUDIENCEX bought BBMG to expand its services chops around performance marketing, as well as its content capabilities, said Jason Wulfsohn, COO and co-founder of AUDIENCEX.

JANUARY 27, 2021

15 Top Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021 
“Agility in all facets of business, especially marketing, will be a key to success,” says AUDIENCEX COO & Co-Founder, Jason Wulfsohn. 

JANUARY 19, 2021

AUDIENCEX Achieves Record Growth and Company Milestones in 2020
AUDIENCEX, the largest independent trading desk built for performance marketers and agencies, sustained rapid and consistent growth during the second half of 2020, representing two of the most successful quarters in the company’s history. 

DECEMBER 3, 2020

11 Expert Insights on How to Run an Effective Co-Marketing Campaign
Rather than just giving a joint sales pitch, providing an educational opportunity to clients and prospects is much more effective to help spread your message. 

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

AUDIENCEX Named #121 on Deloitte’s North America Fast 500 List
With an impressive 994% revenue growth, this three-year expansion can be attributed to the company’s full-funnel digital advertising solutions and creative services for brands and agencies.

NOVEMBER 9, 2020

AD Tech Company AUDIENCEX Leans Into Diverse Clients, Proprietary Software
AUDIENCEX co-founders Jason Wulfsohn, COO, and Reeve Benaron, CEO, credit the variety of the company’s client roster with its ability to withstand this year’s COVID-related market changes. The company had a strong third quarter and is on track for an even better fourth quarter.


AUDIENCEX Expands Relationship with SugarCRM to Accelerate its Customer Experience Vision for Agencies and Marketers
AUDIENCEX, the largest independent trading desk built for performance marketers and agencies, will leverage Sugar Integrate in order to seamlessly connect its CRM with other customer-facing systems and business processes to better serve its clients.

AUGUST 12, 2020

AUDIENCEX Named #459 on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.
Following their ranking in 2019, this marks the second year that AUDIENCEX has been named to this prestigious list, with an impressive three year growth of 994%. 

JULY 14, 2020

Five Strategies to Connect with Your Consumer During COVID-19  
AUDIENCEX VP of Client Services, Stephanie Denevan discusses a few powerful strategies to help brands maintain visibility, engage with their best customers and find new ones.

JUNE 30, 2020

AUDIENCEX Announces Q3 Growth Initiative for Performance Marketers  
“AUDIENCEX was a valuable partner for us in the face of many unknowns and challenges that arose with COVID in Q2 by making changes rapidly to budgets and strategy to support our campaigns.” —Brian Becerra, Performance Manager at Swish

APRIL 27, 2020

5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness and Drive Customers Down the Funnel  
Turning to programmatic advertising can help achieve your goals and build your brand. These five tactics will help build brand awareness with programmatic advertising, according to AUDIENCEX VP of Client Services, Stephanie Denevan. 

APRIL 22, 2020

Five Simple Programmatic Strategies to Drive More Leads 
AUDIENCEX’s Director of Marketing, Michel Benjamin, explains how to use programmatic advertising to promote your brand and keep business running as close to normal as we can.

APRIL 5, 2020

Financial Times Names AUDIENCEX #112 Fastest Growing Company in America 
This ranking highlights AUDIENCEX as one of top 500 businesses across North and South America for whom innovation and creativity has yielded significant multi-year growth, traits which will enable those companies highlighted to thrive even during this time of economic uncertainty.

MARCH 19, 2020

AUDIENCEX Helps Marketers and Agencies with Launch of $1M Growth Fund
The new AUDIENCEX Growth Fund will provide brand and agency partners a strategic media consultation, 25% match on purchased media impressions within their campaign and complimentary creative to power their media plans.

MARCH 18, 2020

AUDIENCEX Launches $1,000,000 Growth Fund to Support Marketers and Agencies During Economic Downturn
AUDIENCEX, today announced the launch of a new $1,000,000 Growth Fund to help mid-market advertisers and agencies unlock new revenue during the second quarter of 2020.

February 26, 2020

AUDIENCEX Named #40 Fastest-Growing Private Company in California from the Inc. 5000 Series
AUDIENCEX, the largest independent trading desk built for performance marketers and agencies achieved a growth rate of 441% in the last two years. The other companies on this list show stunning rates of growth across all industries in California.

February 15, 2020

Display and Search Advertising: Top 3 Strategies to Expand Your Audience Across Channels
AUDIENCEX COO, Jason Wulfsohn, discusses the top 3 strategies that marketers should be using in order to expand their audiences across channels.  

January 15, 2020

AUDIENCEX Announces Executive Team Expansion and Multi-Million Dollar Investment to Drive Continued Growth
AUDIENCEX, the largest independent trading desk for performance agencies and brands, announces a multi-million dollar investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to help drive continued company growth and market expansion.

January 10, 2020

AUDIENCEX Announces Major Funding to Drive Growth
AUDIENCEX, the largest independent trading desk for performance agencies and brands, announces a multi-million dollar investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to help drive continued company growth and market expansion.

January 3, 2020

Clicks, Bricks, & Pop-Up Shoppers: Gearing up for Retail Marketing Success in 2020
AUDIENCEX Director of Strategy, Joe Horine explains why retail marketers must be prepared to look beyond the confines of in-store vs. online to appeal to ever-evolving shopping behaviors.

November 20, 2019

Integrating Search and Social: Best Practices for Cross-Channel Marketing
AUDIENCEX Director of Marketing, Michel Benjamin, explains that “Used intelligently together, paid search and social combine for a powerhouse cross-channel campaign.”

November 19, 2019

68% of Deloitte’s 2019 Tech Fast 500 are from Software 
The four sectors generating the fastest growing businesses over the last three years include energy tech, software, digital content/media & entertainment, and medical devices. AUDIENCEX, a leader in the digital content space was featured along with many other prominent companies.

November 11, 2019

AUDIENCEX Ranks #162 on Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500 of Fastest Growing Companies in North America
Attributing 709% Revenue Growth to Full-Funnel Digital Performance Solutions as well as High-Impact Creative for Brands and Agencies.

November 08, 2019

26 LA Companies Made Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500
If you ever catch yourself awake at night wondering who the fastest-growing technology companies in Los Angeles might be, wait no longer.

martech podcast

September 26, 2019

Build vs Buy – What’s the Cost & Value of a Trade Desk
Build versus buy as it relates to programmatic advertising and building out a trade desk.

martech podcast

September 19, 2019

Optimizing Media Buying Using a Trade Desk
Lauren Hutton, AUDIENCEX’s VP of Technology, joins the MarTech Podcast to give an overview of the industry, including how a trade desk works and the benefits of working with multiple DSPs in one platform.

August 30, 2019

MarTech Interview with Reeve Benaron, Executive Chairman and CEO at AUDIENCEX
A Q&A on Reeve’s journey into tech, programmatic media, challenges, AUDIENCEX, data, strategy, work habits, and advice.

August 21, 2019

Here Is The Fastest Growing Company In Marina Del Rey
Result of our Inc. 5000 ranking

August 14, 2019

AUDIENCEX Ranks No. 416 on the 2019 Inc. 500 with Three-Year Revenue Growth of 300 Percent
Inc. Magazine today announced that AUDIENCEX is No. 416 on its annual Inc. 500 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

July 17, 2019

Keeping the Vultures at Bay When It’s Time for a New Tech Partner
This article will serve as the basic survival guide marketers need to find the right tech partners in desperate times. When your inbound marketing platform or CRM suddenly goes belly-up, how will you know if you’re really finding the best partner for the business outcomes you seek – or just buying snake oil? This article from Shane Taylor of AUDIENCEX will help marketers ask the right questions and get the answers they desperately need – quickly!

July 5, 2019

MarTech Interview with Jason Wulfsohn, Co-Founder and COO at AUDIENCEX
A Q&A on Jason’s journey into tech, AUDIENCEX, partnership with Marin, growth/strategy, work habits, and advice.

June 19, 2019

AUDIENCEX Continues Momentum with 300% Revenue Growth and Strategic Leadership Appointments
Growth, positioning, and new C-suite hires

June 10, 2019

What Is The Future Of Advertising? 17 Experts Share Their Insights
Thoughts on the future of advertising from experts in the industry

June 9, 2019

Finding the Perfect Partner: Questions Marketers Need to Ask
Lauren Hutton, VP of Technology at AUDIENCEX, offers marketers, regardless of how tech-savvy they are, the guidance they need to find the tech partners they need to meet their goals. Beyond technology, Hutton’s list of tips and questions will help marketers (both at brands and agencies) find tech partners that match their business needs, their culture and their need for transparency.

May 2, 2019

Stop Overlooking the Upper Funnel
If you market products or services that have a long consideration cycle, chances are your efforts are focused on the bottom of the funnel. In this article, Shane shares why marketers must remember the upper funnel.

April 18, 2019

CMO’s top 8 martech stories for the week – 18 April 2019
AUDIENCEX a provider of digital marketing solutions for mid-market businesses, has struck an exclusive partnership with Marin Software, an ad management solutions company.

April 9, 2019

AUDIENCEX and Marin Software Strike Exclusive Partnership to Elevate Cross-Channel Advertising for the Mid-Market
AUDIENCEX announced an exclusive partnership with Marin Software, a SaaS ad management platform for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, expanding our ability to drive efficient, scalable growth across search, social, & ecommerce campaigns.

street fight

April 4, 2019

SMB Marketers: Small Budget? Small Team? Search and Social Are Key
While SMBs may face smaller teams and budgets, they now have many more tools to amplify their resources—particularly in search and social media. In this article, Chris Clark shares the five reasons SMB marketers should consider digging deeper into search & social.

Martech Advisor

February 22, 2019

5 Steps to Elevate Your DCO Experience
Every day, more marketers test Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for the first time. Whether those tests soar or falter depends on one important question: Are marketers setting up their campaigns to succeed, or are they tethering their potential? In this article, Alvaro Fajardo shares 5 key best practices to consider when foraying into DCO.

the drum

February 05, 2019

Finding harmony between data and creative with dynamic creative optimization
Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. It’s an ideal that marketers have long aspired to. Now, as more marketers take control of their campaigns, they seek to align data and creativity with nonlinear customer journeys. In this article, our very own Jason Wulfsohn shares his thoughts on the state of DCO & what it means for marketers.

Martech Advisor

December 24, 2018

Take Off the Training Wheels: How to Get Started in Self-Serve for the Mid-Market
Self-serve DSPs are making programmatic advertising more accessible to mid-sized companies. In his earlier article, Darryl Singer shared how these companies can determine if they are ready for self-service. Now, Brittany Wray, Self-Serve Manager, AUDIENCEX, offers advice for marketers who have made the decision to dip their toes into self-service.

Martech Advisor

December 12, 2018

How to Know if You’re Ready for Self-Serve
Is your company ready for self-serve programmatic advertising? There are plenty of myths around self-serve, but it’s not as scary as you think. Learn all the questions you need to ask – and all the answers you need to hear – to make the right decision for your organization in this article by Darryl Singer, VP Technology & Partnerships, AUDIENCEX.

cms wire

November 28, 2018

15 Worst Marketing Buzzwords of 2018
We’re all guilty of using marketing buzzwords and phrases from time to time as we tell the world about the stuff we make. . . The trick for marketers is trying to ferret out the buzzwords and just get to the goods, put the focus on explaining what our products and services do and why it will improve your life.

total retail

November 16, 2018

From Context to Carts: Best Practices in Targeting Shoppers for Holiday 2018
Retailers are looking for ways to maximize digital marketing efforts to make this their best season ever. Access to cutting-edge technology and high-quality data has been improved in recent years, so hopes are high. Marketers are eager to drive sales with transparent, accountable campaigns.

la biz

October 17, 2018

L.A. martech firm offers $5 million fund for mid-market advertisers
Big businesses have embraced digital marketing, but mid-market advertisers don’t always have the knowledge or budget to experiment with the technology. The LA Biz Journal covers what the Marketing Amplification Fund means for local advertisers.

October 16, 2018

AUDIENCEX Empowers Advertisers with $5,000,000 Marketing Amplification Fund
AUDIENCEX announced the launch of its Marketing Amplification Fund, a $5,000,000 fund it has established to empower qualified mid-market advertisers & accelerate innovation during the 4th quarter of 2018

Martech Advisor

October 16, 2018

The Mid-Market Should Demand More from Ad Tech
Demand-side platforms have become the de-facto digital advertising technology for big brands over the last five years. But as mid-market companies begin adopting programmatic, they don’t seem to have the same access to features and support. Reeve Benaron, CEO & Executive Chairman, AUDIENCEX, tells us why they should have the access.

street fight

October 16, 2018

AUDIENCEX Launches Fund to Accelerate MarTech Innovation, Capture Mid-Market Brands’ Attention
Street Fight, a publication that follows the dynamic distruption taking place in the local marketing ecosystem, covers the launch of the Marketing Amplification Fund. 


August 21, 2018

Sizmek and AudienceX Pair Up as Ad-Tech Players Eye the Untapped Middle
Adweek covers the exclusive partnership between AUDIENCEX and Sizmek, noting that “as traditional business models outlive their sell-by dates, the path to long-term success for smaller shops no longer runs solely through a Big Five holding group.

August 14, 2018

Exclusive AUDIENCEX and Sizmek Partnership Empowers Mid-Market Advertisers in North America with Enterprise-Class Marketing Technology
MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AUDIENCEX, a leading provider of end-to-end digital marketing solutions for mid-market businesses, today announced an exclusive partnership with Sizmek, the world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform delivering impressions that inspire. Under the terms of the partnership, AUDIENCEX becomes the only official Sizmek-certified mid-market reseller of the company’s buy-side advertising platform in the United States.

January 20, 2017

Rocket Fuel Taps AudienceX To Service SMB And Indie Agency Accounts
As Rocket Fuel restructures to grow its platform and enterprise business, it has tapped ad-tech partner AUDIENCEX to run small business and independent agency accounts. Those accounts will still run through Rocket Fuel’s demand-side platform (DSP).

April 14, 2014

Southern California Investors Acquire DSP, Agency As Mini ‘Holding Company’ Forms
There’s a mini holding company of sorts manifesting in Southern California, and it has recently acquired a demand-side platform (DSP) named Invertise to add real-time bidding (RTB) to its repertoire.