AARP partnered with AUDIENCEX to promote the AARP Caregiving program, which gives people access to resources to help them find caregivers.


Through AUDIENCEX’s ongoing pro bono relationship with the Ad Council, the goal of this campaign was to drive awareness of the AARP Caregiving program and drive more site visitors, while delivering additional audience insights to AARP.


AUDIENCEX launched a programmatic display campaign targeting people over the age of 60. In addition, we layered on third-party data to find additional consumers who had previously expressed an interest in articles related to caregiving services. We also added contextual targeting and lookalike prospecting to reach more consumers similar to those who had already filled out a form to find out more about the program. Once the display campaign was up and running, we added on mobile, social and video channels to expand the scale while maintaining efficiency.


This omnichannel campaign brought outstanding results in display, mobile, social, and video, with an overall campaign CTR of .24%. Overall site traffic increased 34%, while the number of conversions increased 17%. The AARP increased its overall audience pool and gained additional insights into who their target audience was, which they used to refine future targeting in their other marketing campaigns.


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Site Traffic


Overall CTR


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