Imagine what’s next with a career at AUDIENCEX. We seek out those who are passionate about learning each and every day. We seek out those who are endlessly fascinated by the evolving digital landscape. And we seek out those who want to make an impact – in their careers, in the lives of our customers and in the world around us.


Hone your skills at AUDIENCEX. We are a place where learning happens each and every day. We accept a year round class of interns representing a variety of backgrounds, academic concentrations, and creative disciplines.

    • Work with our team to develop and implement interactive marketing campaigns through paid media, search engine marketing, and social media
    • Write and edit articles, press releases, white papers, blogs, and more
    • Assist in the creation of monthly client reports using different web analytics tools and your own insights
    • Assist with office management tasks, such as answering phones, running errands, etc.
    • Soak up as much knowledge as possible and apply it on the spot

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