In-Banner Video

AXVS Enables Full-HD Adaptive Video Streaming in Display Advertising


Utilize your high-resolution video assets across the programmatic landscape, with in-banner video ads powered by aX Video Stream (AXVS). With this adaptive streaming technology, full HD video can be leveraged in interactive units with minimal load times and light file weights, ensuring full visibility by avoiding heavy ad restrictions on many popular browsers. Each viewer sees the highest possible quality that won’t impact their connection speed, creating a favorable user experience with a high-impact unit that’s effective for branding and performance alike.

  • Decrease the carbon impact of your campaign with adaptive streaming that plays only when visible at a quality dependent on bandwidth, reducing emissions caused by data waste and buffering

  • See higher click-through rates and more meaningful engagement than standard display advertising

  • Premium inventory, programmatic tech, and integrated solutions help you reach a broader, intelligently targeted audience

  • Leverage full HD video without creating heavy ads or slow load times, thanks to adaptive streaming tech

  • Ensure a better user experience to maximize engagement with minimal load times, as quality adjusts for devices and connections

  • Utilize interactive, high-impact formats that extend and expand, providing more brand content

  • Repurpose your CTV or other online video creative in display to create a consistent, omnichannel campaign and reinforce your brand message

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