The world as a whole has been impacted by the current global pandemic, but there are many ways you can proactively set your brand up for success now, in preparation for the future. During these months where people are spending more time at home, they are using the internet at all hours of the day for both personal and professional use. View our on-demand webinar on how to make sure your paid search campaigns are helping keep your brand top of mind as home-bound consumers browse on Google, Bing, and other search engines to find grocery delivery services, take out restaurants, online retailers, virtual workouts, and more.

Chris Clark, AUDIENCEX’s Director of Paid Search & Social, discusses the impacts of the current global situation on Paid Search advertising in this webinar. He provides specific steps marketers like you can take during this difficult time to improve your campaign performance, including analyzing which keywords are most important for your brand, revising your messaging, and finding ways to reach your specific target audiences through search advertising. The goal is to ensure you are getting the best performance and ROI from your PPC ads.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Here

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There’s no doubt that it’s a difficult time, but we’re all in this together. The AUDIENCEX team wants to help you get through this stronger than ever before. Questions? Contact us