Be sure to tune in monthly to our Webinar Wednesday series, where our experts provide overviews of various digital advertising topics on the last Wednesday of each month. They’re a great refresher if you haven’t used certain digital marketing tactics in awhile, or great learning experiences if you haven’t tried them before. Our most recent Webinar, Introduction to Programmatic, was a high-level overview into the world of programmatic advertising.

Introduction to Programmatic, which is now available on demand, is led by Kelly Wiethuchter, one of AUDIENCEX’s programmatic experts. Tune in to watch as she guides you through the complex world of programmatic advertising: providing a better understanding of what it is, how it has evolved over time, and some targeting tactics and strategies you can use for successful programmatic campaigns.

Watch it on demand

Curious about other webinars in the series? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch 20 Performance Marketing Strategies of 2020 on demand (and reference our in depth guide: 20 Performance Marketing Strategies for 2020)! Led by aX Senior Director of Strategy, Joe Horine, the 20 New Performance Marketing Strategies for 2020 Webinar was an overview of  the most impactful marketing strategies that can help position your brand for success this year.

Interested in connecting with someone on our team of programmatic experts? Contact us with follow up questions, or to find out how we can help you reach your advertising goals!