Starting in 2022, Google will remove third-party cookies from Chrome in an effort to protect the privacy of consumers, but what does this mean for programmatic advertising? There has yet to be a decision made about what exactly will replace cookies (if anything), so in the meantime, it’s time for brands to find ways to connect with their customers without sacrificing their privacy. From utilizing their own first-party data to targeting based on location or context, it’s time for brands to be more strategic with their targeting efforts since they can no longer rely on third-party cookies.  

Visit our YouTube channel to watch as Danielle Gale, AUDIENCEX’s Strategy Director, explore the implications of the great cookie countdown, and ways you can adjust your current advertising strategy to get prepared. 

Title: The Great Cookie Countdown: Programmatic Advertising without Cookies

Presenter: Danielle Gale

Where: View on demand

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