When it comes to educating others about the marketing and advertising landscape, a university degree, leadership conference, or professional experience typically comes to mind. When a teacher from Aspire Tate Academy in Los Angeles, a school for children in K-6th grade, approached AUDIENCEX to help educate their students, we were more than excited to share our experience with the young scholars and next generation of leaders.

Our very own Ned Gallop visited the academy as a guest speaker during the school’s Career Day, which encourages young children to excel in reading and math in order to earn their dream job. He met with two classes of 4th graders and one class of 5th graders to speak about marketing, advertising, and account management.

Drawing from his own experiences pre and post-school and stressing the importance of education, Ned shared the journey that led him to AUDIENCEX.

Ned explained that growing up, he was really good at friendships but also great at math. Eventually, his curiosity in these two areas led him to pursue advertising.

It’s essential to put a sincere effort into education, but that doesn’t necessitate becoming a straight A student. Instead, Ned advised the children to focus on the specific skills they are good at and carve out a profession that they love based on that. Ned stated, “I really wanted to inspire the kids to create a career path that was something they could succeed at based on their own strengths and passions, even if it was something they hadn’t heard of yet.”

Advertising was a relatively new concept for them however, and the students were very curious to learn how it works, especially with smaller brands. It came as no surprise that they were very familiar with ads from huge brands like McDonalds, Nike, and Coca-Cola, being continually exposed to their messaging on television, signs on the street, and via other forms of media. What they hadn’t thought of was how the local plumber or real estate agent informs the public about their products or services.

Advertising for the mid-market is often tricky and must be tailored specifically to the right audience. Even though it may seem complicated, it’s absolutely crucial in helping small businesses grow and succeed in their respective industries, something that Ned helps marketers with every day.  

With most of the students’ parents working blue-collar jobs, this concept was easy for Ned to relate back to someone they knew. To top it off, the students made it very clear that they’re big fans of the video game Fortnite, making it easy to utilize analogies to understand these ideas in a short amount of time.

At the end of the session, Ned opened the floor to questions and was thrilled to see the level of positive engagement and curiosity.

When we asked him about the experience, Ned commented: “Advertising is something kids really are interested in, but there’s very limited resources explaining the background and intricate details of the industry. It requires a great mix of creativity and strategy, which goes hand-in-hand with many of the concepts kids that age are learning about on a daily basis.”

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