Recently, a few members of the AUDIENCEX team joined hundreds of other volunteers for a beach cleanup event in Venice organized by Heal the Bay.

Every month, the Heal the Bay group organizes a “Nothin’ but Sand” event where volunteers come together to help make a difference in their local communities and learn about the changes we can make in our everyday lives to help reduce the impact on our shores in the future.

When describing his motivation for attending the event, AUDIENCEX’s Kevin Maxwell recalled videos posted by nonprofits on social media, noting that “seeing all these videos have inspired me to give a helping hand,” as they serve as a reminder of the damage done to nature through carelessness.

Once at the event, the team was a bit surprised by the sheer volume of debris on the beach, as well as where it came from. Indeed, Peter Correia noted:

”It was an eye opening experience to pick up such a large amount of plastic on the beach. It was also interesting to learn that most of the garbage found on the beach actually comes from the storm drains and not from people when they are on the beach.”

Likewise, Alex Wagner noted that the staggering amount of debris served as a humbling “reminder of the effect of trash and waste on the ocean and its inhabitants.”

Motivated to make a difference, the large group of volunteers made quick work of cleaning up the beach, giving participants a rewarding sense of efficacy.

As Kevin reminisced, “Whether you see yourself being a part of the problem or not, you can always become part of the solution.”

To ensure the cleanup was zero-waste and minimized its own carbon footprint, participants leveraged reusable equipment and walked, bicycled, or carpooled to the event.

About Heal the Bay
Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean. To fulfill their mission, they use science, education, communication action, and advocacy. To get involved, check out their full events calendar.