Why Choose 1 DSP When You Can Have 12?

Why settle for 1 DSP? AUDIENCEX offers access to twelve leading DSPs and six search and social platforms to expand the reach of your campaigns so you can engage with the right audience at the right time.

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tdX assesses each platform on a 250 point evaluation to recommend the best platform and channel mix to align with your campaign’s unique requirements. Why settle for 1 DSP when you can use 12, without the minimums?


Each DSP is fueled by proprietary algorithms, vast inventory sources, and exclusive product capabilities. Why commit to one DSP when you can access the best parts of each? AUDIENCEX’s trading desk, tdX, offers access to 18 industry-leading platforms to increase the scale of your campaigns and grow your business.


Because each platform has its own unique strengths, we present 12 industry-leading DSPs in one place, without limitations. tdX assesses each DSP on a 250 point evaluation to identify the best-performing platforms for each campaign. Find out which platform is right for your campaign.


Gain access to cross-platform reporting and customizable dashboards for clarity around the performance of your omnichannel campaigns. Our reporting & multi-touch attribution tools monitor, quantify, and visualize performance and attribution data in a simple, easy-to-digest format.


Across channels, across screens, and across an ever-evolving communications ecosystem, we offer strategic guidance to help brands and agencies make informed decisions around channel-mix and budgetary allocation, ensuring that the campaign leverages the best performing blend of media options.



Find out which platform is right for your campaign

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