AUDIENCEX PRO and EXPRESS are highly effective and easy-to-use retargeting and prospecting platforms for online marketers large and small, including the SMB sector.

Users across numerous different verticals can reach their customers on any device, via any browser, and across multiple ad networks, as well as offering native inventory in Google, and also various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Depending on the size and type of their business users can select between two versions of the platform – PRO and EXPRESS – with different degrees of targeting capabilities. EXPRESS is built for users with more straightforward marketing needs while PRO offers more ways to manage buys and optimize buys toward success and is built for users with more ambitious online marketing needs.

Both PRO and EXPRESS enable users to easily create their own display ads and advertise across the Web. The platform features two important targeting options: Prospecting and Retargeting.

  • Prospecting: with a Prospecting campaign, users can create their own display ads and serve those ads across the Web in order to create awareness about their business. There are several targeting options, including geo-targeting down to the zip code level, and interest targeting, where ads will only be shown on websites that match the advertiser’s target focus; for instance, sports sites or news sites.
  • Retargeting: with a Retargeting campaign, users can create their own display ads and serve those ads to users who have already visited their website. As these website visitors traverse the Web, they are shown display ads from the user.

With either option, users can put a conversion pixel – generated by the AUDIENCEX platform – on their website. This pixel enables the user to see how many conversions are being generated by the AUDIENCEX display campaign. A conversion can be anything from a form fill-out to a newsletter signup to a product sale. The user chooses which conversion they want to track and places the pixel code on that page.

The AUDIENCEX platform features full reporting functionality that will show users how many impressions, clicks and conversions they receive over the life of their campaign, as well as budget spent and their top performing ad.