For marketers with complex goals, needing intelligent, integrated solutions, our Managed Service is your multi-channel media arm, piloting your digital campaign from pixels to projections. We offer strategic plans with clearly defined KPIs and customized reporting, as well as a dedicated account and ad operations manager, consistently monitoring and optimizing your campaigns.


Following a detailed analysis of your existing communication activity, we deploy a series of steps that enable us to construct a powerful, multi-channel framework for your campaign. First, we assess the competitive landscape, analyze positioning and messaging, and acquire a rigorous understanding of your various audiences. This work shapes our strategic approach moving forward, enabling us to make informed and actionable decisions around tactical execution, from channel-mix to budgetary allocation, with the goal of accelerating both short and long-term business growth.


Our account management teams are relentlessly focused on driving sustainable and scalable performance. Through on-going and real-time analysis of campaign data and performance, coupled with rigorous and highly granular reporting, we ensure that campaign goals are both achieved and exceeded and that we are building lasting partnerships with our customers.


As marketers, we always want the optimal ROAS for our customers, to deeply understand what works and why. That’s easier said than done, particularly with an increase both in the number of channels in play and also the complexity of the campaigns that we deploy. In order to achieve real-time and ongoing optimizations, our proprietary reporting tools monitor, quantify, and visualize a vast array of performance data in a way that is thorough, easy-to-grasp and immediately actionable. We give you the information you need (and more) to powerfully answer all your questions, and to know which ones to ask.


AUDIENCEX’s universal attribution system is powered by LeadsRX. The system captures events throughout the lifetime customer journey using a proprietary Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel for online activity and an API for offline events. Events are triggered when prospects visit web pages, participate in marketing campaigns, view impressions of ads, move through the sales funnel, and truly any other event as determined by the enterprise marketer. Collected data is then pre-aggregated and de-normalized into a data warehouse for fast reporting and for serving analytic insights.


The more data you have access to, the smarter you have to be about analyzing and using it. With each campaign we have the ability to activate and aggregate vast amounts of highly granular data and overlay this with powerful cross-channel learnings. This is an ongoing process that shapes strategy and drives tactical optimizations throughout the entirety of the campaign ecosystem and delivers real-time data insights that feed into our multi-channel attribution modeling. As a result we can continuously evolve how we measure impact and performance which in turn dramatically improves our approach to campaign optimization.


The rise of programmatic ad buying makes it easy for brands to run ads across thousands of websites. That level of reach requires extra precaution to ensure that ads only appear on brand-safe and contextually relevant pages. Enjoy exclusive access to the Peer39 dataset, which uses semantic technology to provide page-level intelligence. Peer39 evaluates the context of a page before an ad is purchased or placed, giving brands control over the environments they want to avoid, as well as the ability to optimize toward the ideal environments for their message.


Sustainable ad campaigns rely not only on audience data at the beginning, but the constant collection of data throughout the campaign. Every time an ad is served, it creates a measurable consumer interaction. We can cycle performance data, such as clicks, conversions and engagements, into the AUDIENCEX optimization structure, making campaigns smarter in real-time. 

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