Your Audience is Watching. Drive Results with CTV.

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, television content is being consumed more now than ever before. From streaming YouTube workouts to binge-watching new shows on Hulu, or staying glued to the news—home-bound consumers can now access more video content than ever before, and at any time of day. With content that’s so readily available, consumers are no longer confined to watching shows, the news, or other programs at scheduled times. 

As these TV viewing options expand, so too do the advertising opportunities. Connected TV viewership is up by 61% over the last few weeks, and advertising availability has grown with it. For advertisers, CTV ads have become more valuable—helping them to reach their target audiences during this time of global stay at home orders. In this climate, CTV ads offer an increase in reach, growing inventory, and decreased CPMs. These highly targeted, trackable, brand-safe ads are guaranteed to make an impact, with the promise that brands will reach consumers who are already spending an increased amount of time with connected TV devices, as shown by the data points below. 

Connected TV ads appear in TV-like environments, but without the normal expense and operational complexity of linear TV advertising. This provides a great alternative to traditional linear TV advertising, because of its additional targeting and tracking capabilities, and without the budgetary challenge of upfront buys or minimum commitments. With many people spending their free time at home using streaming services at all hours of the day, it’s the perfect time for advertisers to get their brand message in front of audiences. 

Combining this unparalleled viewability with programmatic purchasing to increase efficiencies means that digital marketers can reach their audiences across all screens to build brand loyalty and drive lift. With CTV, there are no expensive upfront buys required, as with traditional TV advertising—plus, the in-view and average video completion rates are nearly 100%. 


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Be sure to download our CTV guide for a deeper understanding of Connected TV and other facets of Advanced TV. This reference guide will help you understand how you can use CTV to reach the most engaged audiences during this time of continued uncertainty.