Webinar: How to Increase your ROI with High-Impact Mobile Advertising

Consumers are spending more time on their phones now than ever before. According to eMarketer, the average person spent 3 hours, 43 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2019, which was just above the average time spent watching TV. As consumers spend more time consuming media on their mobile phones, it opens up a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach highly engaged consumers when they are most likely to take action. 

Are you looking to make an impact on these highly connected consumers, but not sure how to get started? Check out our on-demand webinar: How to Increase your ROI with High-Impact Mobile Advertising for a walk-through of the many facets of high-impact mobile advertising. In this webinar, you will learn how you can use this advertising channel to successfully capture the attention of your target audience and increase your ROI.

Joe Horine, our Sr Director of Strategy, walks you through the variety of formats and interactions available through high-impact mobile and how you can use them to increase your ROI, helping to boost sales.

Access the Recording here

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