The Power of Programmatic Native: Content Marketing Reimagined

Attention is at an ever increasing premium. For marketers to be effective, their content cannot be a digital diversion, but rather must be an integrated component of a larger engagement experience. Welcome to a new generation of native advertising – so targeted and relevant it may as well be speaking directly to you. Performance marketers have always known that to stand out they must blend in. In that spirit, native advertising has become more personalized than ever before.

Now, with the emergence of programmatic native, brands can leverage the power of predictive and targeted messaging, with the kind of organic user experience unique to native. Content is still king, and high-quality content will always be a powerful engine that drives better performance; but high quality is ultimately in the in the eyes of the beholder. Insert programmatic native, which changes everything.

Our programmatic native solution combines the contextual integration of native advertising with the kind of precise, audience-specific targeting that marketers have come to expect from their programmatic display campaigns. It serves each ad on an impression-by-impression level, leveraging real-time data and allowing marketers to parcel their spend based on parameters that include geographic location, device, language, contextual and behavioral cues, conversion activity and many others.

From the end user’s perspective, this ensures that only the most relevant native content appears on their current screen, delivered at just the right time and as part of a unique overall engagement experience. With programmatic native, precisely defined audience segments will be delivered content that communicates with them in a truly meaningful way and about things that are going on right now in their lives.

The days of one-to-many communication are gone. Your message is unique, and so are your customers. Programmatic native provides ever more powerful technology tools to help you communicate with individuals, not with crowds, and enable those customers to feel understood, appreciated, and even empowered. And as your campaigns get smarter via real-time data optimizations, you will have the added benefit of learning more about your audience than ever before.

Predictive marketing, built upon programmatic technologies that anticipate a consumer’s need, has been a game-changer for many of the most progressive brands in the world. And now, paired with native advertising, brands can speak to their customers with a degree of nuance and relevance that can be transformational to the efficiency of their campaigns.

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