Segmenting Your Retargeting Audience to Increase Conversions

Retargeting is a great way way to keep the conversation going with your customers after they leave your site. People that come from paid search but do not convert on their first visit may have a lot of value as prospective customers in the future. So it is important to keep your company top of mind so they are more likely to return to your site when they are ready to convert. Retargeting is key to success here. 

One way to make retargeting more effective is by segmenting the traffic that comes to a site. There are two methods to this:

Method 1: Tag Management

The first way we segment audiences is by implementing simple tag management. We segment the site into key sections – for example: category, product page, shopping cart and conversion page – and we issue a unique retargeting tag for each section. Simple Boolean logic and load rules allow us to give different values to the audience segments generated from the tags.

We also make sure that we don’t overlap audiences; for example, if we want to target shopping cart abandoners, we can target anyone that entered the shopping cart and eliminate anyone that already made a purchase from the audience pool.

Once we have the segments, we can build a specific strategy against that audience that includes a unique reach and frequency setting and even specific ad unit rotations.

Method 2: Behavioral Data

The second method takes 1st party audience segmentation a step further. Our technology allows us to couple the off-site behavioral data from a specific visitor, to their onsite behavior to build smarter and more nuanced targeting segments. We also create the segments in real time without having to re-install tags.

This freedom to combine data and create audience segments in real time, means that our optimization process is more fluid and our engagement rates are high. When you properly segment your audience, retargeting can be extremely powerful. 

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