Q4: The Performance Marketer’s Guide

As we arrive at Q4, there remains an air of uncertainty around much of our lives. But while the world continues to shift, evolve, and adapt to our ever-changing circumstances, there are elements of certainty that have emerged in the marketing landscape. To help examine that landscape, we have prepared the 2021 edition of our guide, Q4: The Performance Marketer’s Guide.

Habits have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and customers’ expectations have changed with them. But expectations aren’t static and as they continue to evolve, agility is vital. As we approach end-of-year marketing plans, strategies must be developed early and thoroughly but with an eye to flexibility to remain adaptable.

This type of agility is always a strong advantage in marketing, and that’s only more pronounced with our ever-changing situation. While some aspects of our lives may be looking closer to normal this year, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not the case across the board, and that individual comfort levels can still vary widely. For example, as outlined in the guide, 70% of consumers still report some level of concern about in-store shopping relating to COVID-19, and 79% say that they are planning to do most or all of their shopping online.

This year looks to be about providing options such as in-store and curbside pickup, communicating frequently about store policies and inventory status, focusing on finding the right placements and platforms, and providing increased personalization in the marketing journey and purchase process.

In our guide, we’ve compiled a wealth of insights from around the industry, and our team of highly skilled strategists have provided key performance tips and tactics that will help you improve campaign outcomes during this fiercely competitive season.

If you’d like some help getting started on your Q4 campaign planning and want to know how these tactics can work for you, contact us to connect with a campaign strategist who can help maximize your campaign performance.