How the AUDIENCEX Purpose Team Impacts our Culture and our Community

Throughout 2022, AUDIENCEX has focused on strengthening and evolving our company culture. This cultural evolution has been focused largely on promoting the importance of working for and with purpose, the role that purpose plays in inspiring passion for our team members, and the outcome of improved performance across the board as a result, both for our company internally and in delivering exceptional performance results for our clients.

A central component of this philosophy has been the founding of the company’s Purpose Team, an employee-led group that gives its members ownership of the program. The AUDIENCEX Purpose Team has sought out cause-based initiatives to support in various ways, including through volunteering, donation, and most importantly, providing pro-bono marketing services and expertise. 

aX Purpose Team Partnerships

Early in 2022, the Purpose Team established a partnership with K.A.U.S.E., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides social services to adults, children, and families in the Greater Los Angeles Area. K.A.U.S.E. provides services to address a wide range of needs from safety and housing assistance to mental health care, as well as educational and vocational resources to empower clients to lead fulfilling, independent lives.

Through this partnership, we have founded the aX Career Center in Crenshaw, donating technology and time to provide computer access for professional and educational training and opportunities to K.A.U.S.E. clients. We have also been honored to provide creative services in support of the organization, developing video creative to highlight their numerous programs and considerable community impact. In addition, this ongoing partnership has led to rewarding volunteer opportunities, events and fundraisers, enabling employees in the Los Angeles area to work hands-on to support their community.

Recently, the Purpose Team also established a partnership with The “I Have a Dream” Foundation, Los Angeles chapter. This relationship has provided an opportunity for the AUDIENCEX Purpose Team to offer some of the company’s core expertise in omnichannel advertising, strategy, marketing, and UX design. The “I Have a Dream” Foundation works to ensure that children in under-resourced communities have a pathway to pursue higher education by providing academic, social, and emotional support from elementary school through college, along with postsecondary tuition assistance. 

The Purpose Team will leverage the integrated AUDIENCEX tech stack to strategize, launch, and manage intelligently targeted campaigns throughout the omnichannel digital landscape to increase awareness and support for the foundation both locally and nationally. In addition, the award-winning creative team at AUDIENCEX will be working to improve web UX to increase awareness as well as volunteer and donation support.

Recently, members of the AUDIENCEX team were even given the opportunity to get directly involved and speak to students at an Inglewood elementary school through this partnership. Our team members provided insight on their careers and answered questions about their professional and educational paths, helping to introduce children to careers and industries that fit their strengths and interests, and explaining what skills to develop to reach their professional goals.

Purpose as Our Culture

Through each partnership they pursue, the team has grounded the central concept of purpose through tangible, employee-led action, providing an opportunity and support for team members to not only participate in but to direct the company’s goal to give back. Beyond these LA-based partnerships, AUDIENCEX has also provided services and support to a number of cause-related partners on both a national and global scale. These span a wide range of impact areas such as reef restoration, clean water access, youth services, and more, with many in place for several years.

In addition, we have worked to infuse purpose into our product and service offerings, including solutions such as AXVS (AUDIENCEX Video Stream), an adaptive solution for in-banner video streaming that helps advertisers reduce their carbon footprints while also improving their campaign performance.

Purpose has always been a part of who we are and what we do. When we evaluated our culture at the beginning of the year and focused on its direction and evolution, it was an obvious component of our identity that warranted an increased, organizational focus. It has been deeply gratifying to see so many of our team members step up to take real ownership of this initiative through The Purpose Team, putting their time, energy and effort into partnership initiatives with organizations we’re proud to support throughout our community.

It is an honor to partner and work with organizations that are having such a positive impact on so many lives in tangible ways. We deeply appreciate the work that they do every day, and are grateful to be a part of it.

If you’d like to learn more about the Purpose Team, or AUDIENCEX and the expertise, tech solutions and media access that we’ve been able to leverage for these impact organizations, please feel free to contact us.